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Jan 30, 2011


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Mad Dog


So the story goes, when the victim(s) of the first incident asked the police what else they could do to be safe downtown, the police officer told them to stay out of downtown.

Great PR from the GPD.



Were the perps breaking curfew?

Will Tax For Food

Mad Dog,
There's nothing I like better than an honest cop and nothing I hate more than a politician working PR.

Will Tax For Food

PS. I warned Greensboro the epidemic would spread.

David Wharton

In other crime news, when I do a P2C search on the half-mile radius around the Pyramids Village Wal-mart for the last month, the search engine tells me that there are more than 100 reported crime incidents, but it can only show me the first 100, which include multiple instances of larceny, vandalism, shoplifting, burglary by forcible entry, assault on a female, breaking and entering, simple assault and battery, discharging a firearm, drug trafficking, embezzlement, auto theft, and hit-and-run.

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