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Jan 31, 2011


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Don Moore

I'd bash it for good measure; but I know it would be a failing effort. So why don't we work to condemn all the property to the North, East and West, re-route High Point Road and Lee Street to ensure the coliseum parking is enough to cover all facilities in use. 5,000 parking spaces is just not enough for facility with a total capacity near 40,000 people.


I wonder if the ice skating competition yesterday drew bigger crowds than the hockey all-star match over here in Raleigh. The town threw a big party downtown, although the game was out at the RBC arena, which shares territory with an I-40 ramp and some NC State vet school pastures far, far away from downtown. If you can't find a parking space you can always look at cows.

BTW, the hockey game ended with an 11-10 score. That seems rather odd to me, like a baseball all-star game ending with a 36-33 score.

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