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Dec 16, 2010


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David Wharton

Downtown income was up more than 100%, so it looks like DGI has been earning its keep. But a 28% drop is above average for many east G'boro neighborhoods. It was -30% in my census tract; in some neighborhoods south of I-40 it was -40%, and Glenwood seems to have gone -45%.

But even some of the wealthier neighborhoods have suffered. It looks like Sunset Hills/Hamilton Lakes is down 12%.

So ... downtown and exurbs did well. Old suburbs, very badly.


Just wait until those septic tanks in Summerfield start overflowing and we get Forest Oaks all over again.

Why do I say that? My first wife's family gave us our pick of over 700 acres to chose to build a home. Problem was, when we started doing dozens of perk tests the building inspectors turned us down every time. So her family sold that same 700 acres to a developer who managed to get every 1/4 to 1/2 acre plot to perk.

Like I said, Forest Oaks all over again.


Thanks for digging this up. It'll bring out the statistical nerd in all of us!


Not surprising about incomes in Glenwood. Homeowning families with solid blue-collar jobs have been replaced by student tenants and an otherwise transient population dependent upon cheap rent. The good news is that low-wage earners can still afford to live in Glenwood (for now). The next census will include (at least) 800 new students into Census Tract 115. It was wonderful to see how truly diverse our tract is with regards to ethnic heritage.


Census tract 28 in Charlotte has a median household income nearly $50,000 higher than tract 10404 (Old Irving Park) in Greensboro.

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