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Oct 21, 2010


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just had a post on hyde raffle it just keeps on going and going

Billy The Blogging Poet

I guess the downtown motel hotel will be going the same way as the downtown Greenway-- dead end.


Nice post, Billy. In the abstract, something like the Greenway seems like a great idea. You get right to the problem, which is that, by design, it will only really benefit an already-privileged segment of our citizenry (among whom I count myself, since a Greenway fragment currently runs from just by my house almost to my place of work), but at a substantial cost to everyone. I wish you would run for Mayor again. I'd sure as hell vote for you again.


The Rhino now has the previously-unposted Hyde article.


John Hammer who is no democractic shill writes a pretty compelling article about a guy who can't keep his lies straight.

"Now that the story is out, there is little reason for Hyde not to go ahead and file campaign finance reports that indicate what actually happened. The reports that have been filed violate the spirit, if not the letter, of the law."


Thanks Eric,

I'm afraid another run for mayor would cost me and my employer far more than we can afford to give as at least some of my opponents would use any means to destroy us both and have tried to do so in the past. Seems we come up at almost every other city council meeting even though we've complied and exceeded all the city's requests and demands.

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