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Sep 17, 2010


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Tony Wilkins

Refreshes my idea from a couple of years ago to change the name of High Point Road to Wyndham Boulevard.
Why not use the connection from hotel to tournament as a consummation of the marriage?

Joe Killian

Miller said that his coming to the Wyndham tournament and seeing how Greensboro's downtown has grown impressed him and was one of the factors that led him to think this was a good deal.


I told everyone this deal was going to work out. People just needed to patient instead of rushing to judgement. I also didnt expect Wyndham to invest money in the hotel construction. Weaver and company got quiet very quickly.


The place isn't even built, and Tim is doing a victory dance.

Let's see what he says in five years, when the numbers of the resident cockroach colony exceed the the paying guest count by a factor of 100 times on any given night.


a lot of people are eating crow tonight :)


Why don't we just rename Greensboro, to Wyndham and get it over with?


"Why don't we just rename Greensboro, to Wyndham and get it over with?"

For $100 million annually in naming rights, it might be worth it.

After all, Topeka has dibs on "Google".


randall kaplan wants to be a new tenant of a parking deck not a proud owner of a parking deck and how will that parking deck be paid with ?


A parking deck is going to be built, hotel or no hotel. Having a tenant with steady parking only helps the city pay off the debt.


So who pays upfront for the parking deck? Taxpayers will and then we will have them do the same thing like roy carroll did for center point and reduce the payments to the city on their use of city parking deck because not many are living in the center point just like we won't see a 80 percent occupancy from the hotel.Tim can't wait to see you guys try the incentive game with greensboro city council and guilford county commissioners good luck with that after hearing kirk perkins speak at boc meeting.


like I said, The deck is geting built regardless and the hotel will just so happen to be near one of the sites considered for he deck. Taxpayer will have to pay for this deck even if the hotel is not built.

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