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Sep 08, 2010


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Between a Roch and a Hard Place

Just in.
Thnxs to alert reader BARAAHP for the pointer.

Dr. John Purple Hayes

Thanks for the link, hard place. I think we should be very aware that a filter proponent thinks librarians should be arrested for "providing" access to porn. Spread that around.

Glad My Doc Doesn't Do This All Day

And we should be very aware that another filter proponent has called out Joe Gaurino for his lies and also that Kathy Hartsell is promoting campaign events for Trudy Wade.

We will, we will Roch you!

Cheripickr, you've been framed!

Ed Cone

Maybe everyone should stick to their real fake names?

sean coon


Tony Wilkins

Blogs will have more credence when (if) real names are required. N&R's comments section has become a joke.

Ed, anything in place that would keep an anonymous commenter from using someone's real name...such as signing a blog comment to Ed Cone but Ed Cone didn't really say it? Imagine the potential for trouble in that area.

Janet Wright

But Tony, didn't you cite "anonymous sources" for your 700 porn hits a day claim? And didn't you chastise Roch for bringing it up?

Ed Cone

I could require people to register, but have chosen not to.

Say, Tony, sorry if you've answered this and I missed it, but what if any is your role in the Trudy Wade campaign?

Tony Wilkins

So noted Janet.

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