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Sep 13, 2010


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How Osama bin Ladin Forced Me to Cancel My Newspaper Subscription, by John Q. Schmuck.


i think any nonoccidental could go into an office suppy or bookstore and predict the outcome. in the West's endeavor to make sense of the void between birth and death, time has been subdivided into 15 minute segments of fear. how the fear is marketed and egos are attached to the subparticles of the fear make the results less predictable. Because of Clinton's genocidal policies I was expecting a hit from the Kurds first. The US, Britain, Germany, Italy and France have scrimmaged with the region long enough to make it hard to run up the score. Some of the practice squads have formed their own leagues. The West sees the occupation as a chaotic problem. The guys who don't use the Franklin Covey planners see it as ordained oppurtunity.

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