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Aug 05, 2010


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We call 'em "sink" sandwitches, 'cause you have to eat them over the kitchen sink.

Tony Wilkins

Heavy mayo and heavy black pepper, please.


White bread only, none of this whole grain stuff. Love to watch it turn pink.


Thank you so much for calling it by its name: Tomato Sandwich. NOT 'mater sandwich, or, God help me, 'mater samich.

I'll overlook "growed" and "ain't."

Ed Cone

JW, I hope you don't go looking at the name of the photo.

White bread and mayo and pepper, yes. Salt as needed.


Next year, zucchini. Mix in some bell peppers and eggplant and you're on your way to some homebrew ratatouille.


Awww. I didn't need to see that!


Gotta have bacon on mine.

Junkyard Bill

I gave away 5 gallon buckets filled with homegrown tomatoes this year and I'm still eating them every day. If only my beans and cukes had done so well. No bees- no beans and cukes.

Personally, I like my mater samwiches on whole wheat with lots of Duke's Mayo (all natural and made in SC.) and fresh basil leaves grown inbetween the tomatoes.


I save the basil for the tomato pie.

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