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Aug 10, 2010


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The astute reader will note that Roch has refused to answer the actual question Sam asked.

And "Sam pollutes this blog...."

Too funny!


Well, arent they both attorneys. Is anyone surprised? Nor do I give a shit.


Over the span of three different blogs and Roch still cannot give a simple yes or no answer to the question. 
Instead he would rather obfuscate and divert by calling me a liar. So I will give him one last chance with the question clearly spelled out.

Roch argued on this thread that anyone who thinks that marriage is limited to just one man and one woman and who argued that there was no Constitutional right to same-sex marriage was a bigot. Roch argued that Barack Obama was defending equal protection.

Yet, Barack Obama has stated that he also believes that marriage is limited to being between a man and a woman and his Justice Department argued that there was no Constitutional right to same sex marriage. 

So I will ask Roch again:  Is Barack Obama a bigot according to the same standards you applied to everyone else?

It is a simple yes or no question.

Brandon Burgess

Holy cow someone needs a cold shower.

Andrew Brod

"I will give him one last chance with the question clearly spelled out."



No need to worry Andrew. He isn't going to answer it and he's on your team so I'm sure it doesn't matter.

Go Team!

P.S. notice how Ed still hasn't come clean either? But who am I to raise the issue. He is immune.

Go Team!


So! That librarian's info on filters is pretty interesting, huh?

David Hoggard

Yes, Obama's statement, when compared to Roch's description of bigotry, indicates that Obama is a bigot.

It follows then, that (after reading Roch's initial accusation toward you, Sam) you are also a bigot.

None of you third graders ever will, and never have, answered to demands of a "yes or no question". So just stop it. Most of us are sick of it.

Let's move on.


I'm not on Roch's "team" and he would apparently consider me a bigot. But, Spag's various obsessions are beginning to rank up there with some others that shall remain nameless. Eye rollingly old, tired and boring.


So it sounds like we're all bigots, Roch/Ed is pathologically incapable of admitting he could ever be wrong or caught in a contradiction and Sam's pathologically incapable of letting them forget it. There's a certain natural order to all that.

Jim Langer

I ambigotuous.

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