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Aug 17, 2010


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It looks like the board is grandstanding.


just read the board's recommendation. It looks like a compromise to me.


I think the whole thing's a fiasco, a disaster, a catastrophe. I just hope there wasn't any brandishing going on.


I'm telling you that there weren't any Communists in America, CP, because McCarthy's phone book was just empty pages! We fought the whole Cold War for nothing! We got a missile treaty and they didn't even have missiles!

Did anyone tell Fonzie yet ?


Except that McCarthy's accusations were more specific than "Communists in America." Right? And in their specifics were, as one of his targets described them, "moonshine." Right?


"Pure moonshine", actually.


Or "fraud and a hoax," as the Senate committee found them to be.


True, but there were Communists in Hollywood and elsewhere.


Meanwhile, the "freedom" of "adults" to view porn in our public libraries is recommended for official sanctioning.

Why are we not surprised?

Ed Cone

Neither current nor proposed library policy sanctions the viewing of porn, by adults or children.

The debate is over best way to keep porn off library computers.


And as T. Diane Bellamy Small just wisely noted, nobody has even said what they mean by porn.

Jim Langer

The debate is over the best way to keep as much porn as possible off library computers. The ultimate solution(s) to keep all of it off, they deem too draconian.

Ryan Shell


Just stopping by for a moment. When this was a discussion item last year one "compromise" I tossed out was to take down the dividing walls in the computer areas. Was that brought up this go round?

Hope all is well in Greensboro.


PS - let me know the next time you are in NYC.


There was something to debate? I thought it was just Danny Thompson grandstanding.

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