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Jul 18, 2010


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David Wharton

A great Sunday morning read with coffee in bed. Thanks.

Jim Buie

You're a better man than I, Ed. My family and I visited the area a few years ago and found it all quite tacky, tacky, tacky. My blog post at the time elicited impassioned responses from offended locals who really take pride in both Natural Bridge and Foamhenge. They were particularly offended by my suggestion that Natural Bridge should be given to the National Park Service as the private corporation that apparently manages it gouges the public and a lot of people that might be interested in seeing Natural Bridge pass it by.

Ed Cone

JB, I agree (and I hope I said) that Natural Bridge is a tacky waste of a great natural resource; I'm one of the people who passed it by for that reason. The owners don't need to give it away, they could just clear out the junk and invest instead in things that compliment the natural experience. That in turn could boost the whole region. As the gateway to the James crossing of the Blue Ridge, it should be a magnet for visitors.

Foamhenge itself is pretty great, in part because it is self-contained and free, sitting there on top of its hill without bothering anyone.


I'm about to go visit the real thing in England. Will have to make a trip back home to VA and swing by the foam henge. I'll share a comparative analysis.

Ed Cone

Last time I went to the original visitors were no longer allowed to wander freely among the stones. It was still awesome, though.

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