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Jul 24, 2010


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Dr. Mary Johnson

And a look at reality

Reality not being one of Mr. Smith-Jr's strong points.


"This is directed to Roch . . . whose "research" on my case consisted of spending a few hours on online newspaper accounts a few years back..." -- Dr Johnson

You may recall that you once had what you described as all relevant documents regarding your case on your web site. I spent the better part of a day reading them all: newspaper articles, letters and legal filings.

Also, please do not put words I did not say or write in quotation marks and attribute them to me. I have never called you "batshit crazy" or "criminally insane" as you erroneously quote me.

Liars Club Rep

I have never called you "batshit crazy" or "criminally insane" as you erroneously quote me.* Roch

Sure you have! Silent is golden with you and Ed!

Dr. Mary Johnson

Roch, I covered that in the post I linked. There have, in fact, been two posts this weekend at "Housecalls" addressed directly to you - composed to respond to (as always disparaging) thow-away remarks you made at Joe's - which presented a DAMNED LIE as fact.

I suggest that you read those posts and take the suggestions to heart.

Because both you and Jeff Martin have MUCH to answer for. You've done a boat-load of harm in these blogs and my patience is worn very thin.

Once again, right here, right now, YOU distort the truth. You know full well that I have not posted a SINGLE court document on my case on the blog. All of that has been held in reserve for a newspaper reporter or a lawyer (you are neither). A good portion of what is there now was NOT there when you conducted your "investigation". But still you cling to "the-better-part-of-a-day" you spent on my blog 4-5 years ago.

Moreover you continue to rely upon newspaper articles from the N&R - a media outlet that you, yourself, have held up to scorn and ridicule for its failure to investigate local stories.

And while, I have posted the complaint I re-drafted and re-submitted to the DA's office in 2005 (the orginal complaint was submitted in 2003), it has yet to merit even a meeting with Garland Yates - or ANY KIND of formal investigation (as I was TURNED AWAY by the magistrate and both the Asheboro Police Department and the Randolph County Sheriff's office when I tried to swear it out).

Likewise, Mr. Yates did not refer the case to the NC AG's office (as several lawyers have opined he should have done - since the case was clearly WAY over his mill-town head).

Even the simplest rights to dues process of law have been denied me. And that's just FINE with you, Ed Cone-of-the-Cones, and all of the rest of the do-gooding progressives in the blogosphere. Justice is only for people who agree with your politics.

Let's do a little "law review": "Non-profit" Randolph Hospital officials lied repeatedly UNDER OATH about the "confidentiality" of information contained in public records - to my considerable detriment. Do you or do you not think that public records should be made available to citizens (as CURRENT law says) - particularly when they contain information relevant to a damages claim in a Court proceeding? Do you or do you not approve of perjury . . . of treating the Court/ordinary citizens with contempt . . . and of in-your-face fraud?

If you do not approve, then you really need to re-evaluate your approach to me online - and to my case in particular.

Moreover, you are NOT SERIOUSLY going to hide behind quotes again are you? How many times on these blogs have you (or the Stench that respects you so) implied/alleged that I am mentally-impaired/ill or a crazy woman or delusional or challenged-by-reality or have major leagues issues (we'll leave the quotes out so the "fact-checker" cannot quibble). I haven't put any words in your mouth that you did not either cheer or egg-on or snicker at behind the safety of your keyboard.

YOU are the liar here - and the hypocrite (you're not alone in that department, but today I'm dealing with you). And I am calling you out.

Grow up. Clean up your act. NOW.

And by ALL means. Let's make some more USELESS public records laws that NO ONE WILL ENFORCE!!! Yeah!! Woo-hooooooo!


"Once again, right here, right now, YOU distort the truth. You know full well that I have not posted a SINGLE court document on my case on the blog." -- Dr. Johnson

I did not say that you had posted them to your blog. I said I read them on your website, asheboropediatrics.com, which is now offline. You described the website on your blog, remember?

Knowing I was in the right and (incorrectly) assuming that the state of North Carolina would not condone what Randolph Hospital had done, I fought back. I litigated. It has been a nightmarish nine years . . . a medico-legal quagmire of conflicting jurisdictions and ineffectual, disinterested regulatory agencies. The details of that ordeal are now outlined on my website (www.asheboropediatrics.com) and blog (www.drjshousecalls.blogspot.com).
Dr. Mary Johnson

I DO remember, Roch.

Unlike you, I LIVED it - ALL of it - INCLUDING being beaten black & BLUE on the Greensboro blogs by a bunch of hypocritical "progressives" - who like to wail and moan and gnash and gesticulate about "ethics", but when the rubber hits the road, and they have an opportunity to actually DO something and BE relevant, cannot be persuaded to use their keyboards for CHANGE.

Mary's not a registerd Democrat.

Moreover, my story (then) does not reflect well on ANY of your deep-blue political heroes (at the national or state level) . . . or (for that matter) an institution that bears Ed's family name.

And (now) what passed for government "oversight" in my situation most certainly does not bode well for the success of healthcare reform - which in my educated/informed/experienced view from the front lines (and clearly cheap seats that you do not want to hear from) amounts to just throwing more money this country doesn't have after bad.

One more time: Legal documents (from either my case against Randolph or their SLAPP-suit) were NEVER posted on my website or blog. You cannot claim to have seen someting that was never there (who is hallucinting now?).

I've alluded to the reasons why that is in a number of postings. But suffice it to say, I'm still waiting for a local journalists to LOOK . . . and to ASK even the SIMPLEST, most basic of questions . . . and to report to the general public (in this era of healhcare reform and physician shortages and bank failures) how two LOCAL non-profit hospital executives, trying to corner Asheboro's "market" in Pediatrics, abused their power (and the taxpayers pocketbook) in order to cover-up medical badness and UTTERLY DESTROY a good doctor who did her duty.

None of that matters to you. WE ALL KNOW. No siree! You'd rather rely upon Mr. "Fecund Stench" (who wasn't there either - and who has his own sick/warped motivations for smearing my guts all over the ether) for the "facts" to back up your malice.

In this case, you are still LYING about what you read on my blog or website . . . giving people the FALSE impression that you did "homework" when you haven't - or have done "reaserch" that you didn't.

Take it from Roch (wink, wink). Mary's a nut-job (wink some more).

I'm sorry. That makes you a bottom-feeder.

The North Carolina justice system TOTALLY failed me. And yes, I think ordinary people should CARE about that. Because it's the ordinary people who are getting screwed.

This has been a medico-legal tight-wire act for me from the start - and the way I've approached it online has had to evolve - something you have NEVER appreciated.

I've summarized and outlined my case for FIVE FRICKING YEARS (in short versions and long versions) and jumped through ALL of YOUR *&^%$#@! hoops.

And I am sick and tired of you!!! Now you are going to jump through some of mine.

The first one is to be ACCURATE in your commentary on my situation. You posted an outright LIE at Joe's - in the hit-and-run/offhand way that you and Cone have patented.

And Mr. "Fact-checker", I'm calling you on it.

The second hoop (if it's not too much trouble) is that if you cannot stand for ethics and accountability in the very cold case of Dr. Mary Johnson vs. Randolph Hospital, then at least do a fellow Piedmont-Triad blogger the courtesty of NOT DOING HARM!!!

Done with the "rant" now. Let the insults commence.

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