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Jul 03, 2010


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So we have to wait for the EPA to make sure the discharge does not violate the Clean Water Act, but hey, at least other skimmers from around our coast can finally go to work.


It is amazing to me to hear how the Obama administration, the Coast Guard, BP, and everyone else involved is doing "everything we can do" to address the oil situation, but then you hear the truth and realize that is not the case and is far from it.

Dutch ships were turned away from helping weeks ago, McClatchey reports that Greek ships are still waiting to get approval to help, other news reports say that US skimmers are waiting for orders on the shore, and now I hear that this giant skimmer ship is waiting for testing?

This is a nightmarish exercise in government red tape. It reminds me of a situation during Hurricane Katrina when a large truck filled with bottles of drinking water was turned away from reaching people New Orleans because they didn't have a "FEMA tasker number."

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