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Jun 10, 2010


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Directly relevant to this thread, regarding the Obama screwup:

Keeping local governments in the dark is just one reason why the frustration of residents in the Gulf is so palpable. State and local governments know their geography, people, economic impacts and needs far better than the federal government does. Contrary to popular belief, the federal government has actually been playing a bigger and bigger role in running natural disaster responses. And as Heritage fellow Matt Mayer has documented, the results have gotten worse, not better.

And when the federal government isn’t sapping the initiative and expertise of local governments, it has been preventing foreign governments from helping. Just three days after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, the Dutch government offered to provide ships outfitted with oil-skimming booms and proposed a plan for building sand barriers to protect sensitive marshlands. LA Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) supported the idea,but the Obama administration refused the help. All told, thirteen countries have offered to help us clean up the Gulf, and the Obama administration has turned them all down."

And, as we further know from this, posted yesterday:

"Last year the Obama administration granted oil giant BP a special exemption from a legal requirement that it produce a detailed environmental impact study on the possible effects of its Deepwater Horizon drilling operation in the Gulf of Mexico, an article Wednesday in the Washington Post reveals.

Federal documents show that the Department of the Interior's Minerals Management Service (MMS) gave BP a 'categorical exclusion' on April 6, 2009 to commence drilling with Deepwater Horizon even though it had not produced the impact study required by a law known as the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The report would have included probable ecological consequences in the event of a spill."

Oh, but WaPo obviously lies, right?

Obama OWNS this disaster.


Why does Bubba keep hijacking long quotes from sources people like me are no more going to believe than he would believe long quotes from The Nation and Mother Jones? There's no persuasion happening in either instance.


So much for corbs not reading my posts.......

Isn't he cute when he has nothing of substance to use in reaction to the unfortunate truths of situations like this?


You don't have to read a post to see the sources of links. Just point your little finger thingy at the hot link and the source is revealed. Ain't technology grand?


So pointing his thingy at a link doesn't constitute reading a post?

Ain't it grand when Rocket Scientists like that make their decisions on what they want to read based upon whether they're likely to agree with a source or not?

Ain't it grand when a "progressive" indirectly states that you don't believe what the Washington Post says?

Ain't it grand that the two subjects who replied to my post have no reservations about validating the phrase "never over-estimate the intelligence of a 'progressive' agenda hack?"

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