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Jun 08, 2010


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Andrew Brod

When I heard an Olbermann teaser about this, he made it sound like BP was manipulating Google results. I didn't see the segment, but if all BP has done is buy a Google ad, is that really so dastardly?

Andrew Brod

I just watched that Olbermann segment online, and it turns out there's something else. Based on his guest's rather clumsy description, it sounds like BP has engaged in... search-engine optimization! Wow! No legitimate site does that.

I think BP has done quite enough a mile below the surface of the Gulf to earn our enmity. We don't need to manufacture high dudgeon for trivia like this.

bill bush

ProPublica has an article that helped me decide whether BP was making a cynical move or trying to help us all understand:


I understand much better now.

Michele Forrest

"...unless enough people perceive it as a cynical move..."

I'm trying to imagine any move that BP could make right now that I wouldn't view with cynicism.

And frankly, I'm feeling pretty cynical about this, from our president:

"We talk to these folks because they potentially had the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick. Right? So, you know, this is not theater."



can't decide if I want to sell puts or calls on this one....might take ownership if they don't kick the dividend to the side...over 9%.

The oil spill is absurd and I think both BP and our gov. could have done better.


How dare you talk about things other than the attempt to deflect attention off Obama, and the attempt to reinforce the anti-oil agenda, Marshall!

Jim Langer

It all stinks. Saturn devouring his Mother. Just another sign we'd better find some other means of transport. Or subsistence.


The money could have been better spent on working to prevent oil spills. I think BP excs, should be hanged from the tallest cypress tree in the Gulf Region and shot repeatedly by anyone who wants to buy the bullets.


If BP had spent as much money and time on safety issues before as they are on greenwashing,stonewalling, screwing over Gulf fisherman,and attempting to censor coverage..well ..


If the Obama administration had spent as much time taking productive action on actually solving the problem, rather than the grandstanding,pontificating,time wasting, finger pointing, meme shaping, and passing the buck nonsense we're getting from them, perhaps the Gulf fishermen and everyone else wouldn't be getting screwed over.

Obama owns this disaster.


But alas, I'll never get the chance to shoot them anyway... So I came up with the next best thing I could think of.

I actually think Bubba is funny

Where did this "try to pin the spill on Obama" directive come from? It's BP's well. I guess accountability only counts when the Chamber of Commerce says it does.

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