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Jun 01, 2010


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Account Deleted

I heard somebody say that last week.

A. Bulluck

I doubt anyone or thing can stop that leak, but it never hurts for the POTUS to come out and try to reassure the public that everything will probably turn out fine in the long run. Hell, even Mike Easley came up from the basement every so often to offer comfort to North Carolinians affected by a natural disaster. It's an important leadership quality that this president clearly lacks.

I am not a bigot so stop saying that

What quality is that? Sugar coating?

Independence Day Observer

The federal government may not be able to stop the leak, but it can and should take charge of keeping oil from reaching our shores*Nola

BS! The Feds can do anything like starting Wars, Fighting off Alien Lizards from Area 51, Rigging political elections where both sides win, Saving Humanity in the Movie 2012, Creating paper electronic currency out of nothing and finally fixing the Super Bowl point spread

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