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Jun 02, 2010


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David Wharton

We stuck with AT&T for our land line for a long time. Last September we changed our plan online. The next month's bill didn't reflect the change, so we called and they adjusted the bill. They also noted that the plan change had not gone through yet. The same thing happened the next month, and the next, and the next ... nobody on the phone was able (or willing) to make the plan change. We did this NINE times.

Hello, Vonage!


I use Sprint. Unlimited mobile to mobile and data, plus 450 minutes to and from landlines which I never get close to. The only problem with Sprint is it thinks I'm roaming when I'm sitting on my couch. This isn't really a problem since I don't get charged for roaming, but it seems to kill the battery pretty fast.

Joe Killian

It is just this kind of thing that pushed me to go Android rather than get an iPhone.

Every iPhone user I know loves the phone itself. But the way AT&T does business is really pretty awful.

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