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Jun 08, 2010


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Account Deleted

So dumb. I do not like this trend.

Doug Clark

Seven teams in my day (after South Carolina, before Georgia Tech). Road trips to Clemson and Maryland were as far as I cared to go. (Track and cross country teams traveled by bus or van.)

Andrew Brod

There's so much not to like. I didn't like it when sports stadiums started bearing bland corporate names that changed every few years and had only a tangential connection to the home city. I didn't like it when bowl games were stuck with similar names.

I didn't like it when TV started dictating sports schedules, or when MLB announced that the lack of lights at Wrigley would cost the '84 Cubs their home-field advantage if they made it to the World Series. (The Cubbies made that moot in Game 5 of the NLCS, when Leon Durham showed Bill Buckner how it's done.)

I didn't like it when the Big Ten, the conference of both my undergrad and graduate alma maters, added an 11th school but didn't change its name ("The Big Ten: We have overrated football teams but at least we can't count!").

And now I don't like the trashing of historic conferences and traditional rivalries in order to erect super-conferences designed solely to maximize TV revenues.

But what else is new? I'm obviously a curmudgeon about this kind of thing.

Andrew Brod

The Big Ten's inability to count just got worse.

Account Deleted

The scenarios out there are not good for the ACC. I keep hearing Texas A&M, Clemson, Ga Tech to the SEC with FSU or Miami a possibility. That leaves the ACC to pick up the remnants of the Big East schools with weak football programs, Villanova, Georgetown, St Johns. The other Big East schools (Syracuse, Uconn) to the Big 10 (or whatever number they settle on.)

The back story is that the ACC and SEC wanted a 4 team playoff to replace the BCS but Big 10 convinced Big 12 to stand against it about two or three years ago.

Apparently Big 10 is driving this entire process to try and increase tv revenue.

Makes me ill.

Only good thing in my view would be if Texas A&M moved to the SEC. Would love to see Bama and LSU playing A&M every year.

Roger Greene

The barely qualified athletes of one elite institution will play against the academic exceptions of another elite institution on a Thursday night costing the better part of 2 class days. That and the fact that it's vitally important a selected school be a member of the AAU should prove once and for all it's about academics. Meanwhile the real students who compete in volleyball and tennis get to ride a luxury bus on a 5000 mile round trip to play on a Tuesday. Shouldn't cost more than 3 or 4 days of class time per week. Football and basketball will charter a luxury jet of course. A small price to pay.

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