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Jun 10, 2010


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"House Minority Leader John Boehner backed Tom Donohue, President of the Chamber of Commerce, in saying taxpayers should help pick up the tab."

Ummm, no....he didn't. If Buetler thinks he did, he needs to back it up with documentation. Saying "short answer is yes" doesn't cut it.

As is often the case with TPM and certain bloggers, the need to deflect attention away from obamafailure every time it happens is just a little too obvious.

Michael Steele:

"Boehner made a general statement about who is responsible for the spill, and the federal government oversight was clearly lacking, but he has said repeatedly that BP is responsible for the cost of the cleanup."

Jon A Firebaugh

That's the beauty of Ed's posts. He posts teeny weeny bites that infer his point of view. He's a "headliner" of the sort that I critiqued in his "Complements" post. Um..... maybe that's a bit harsh, maybe Ed's to busy to expound and enjoys all of us doing it for him.


It's quite likely that he just needs a little help to tell the entire story, Jon.

In his case, it's not what he says......it's what he doesn't say.

The genetic makeup of those possessing a certain political, social, and economic world view seems to make that so.


"He now seems to be backing off the CoC position."

Oh please, spare us all the nonsense.

Boehner never said what Beutler claimed he said. The clarification needs to come from TPM, but we all know THATisn't going to happen.

I sometimes wonder whether you stay up late nights inventing absurd memes to promote on this blog.


Key quote in the WaPo article, from a GOP source:

"This is the way the scam works: Liberal bloggers gin up a fake controversy," one groused. "The DNC emails around their blog post. Then MSNBC picks up the 'controversy' and the liberal bloggers and liberal commentators go on TV and talk about the latest figment of their own silly little liberal noise machine."

Meanwhile, back to the real story, and the on-going campaign of obfuscation, mis-direction, deflection, and outright phoniness we've seen and heard in defense of the Obamanation:

"......(Tony) Hayward had said that he 'wants his life back' (striking a note, by the way, not unlike Bush's FEMA director Michael Brown who wrote an e-mail during the Katrina meltdown in New Orleans that he wished he was home enjoying a 'margarita').

Obama shook his head censoriously as Lauer read Hayward's comment to him. But doesn't Obama act like he wants his life back too? He has a put-upon air about him, as if it is outrageous that the presidency should make demands upon him beyond placing ribbons around the necks of rock stars. Obama couldn't even suppress that air during the Lauer interview. Obama said that he was, long before the pundits noticed the crisis, 'standing in the rain' talking to 'fishermen' down in the Gulf a month ago.

Can you believe it? Obama had to talk to fishermen while pelted by rain drops. The things he has done for his country and the 'planet.'"

I actually think Bubba is funny

That's not what Boehner said!
Give Boehner his life back!

Meanwhile, Al Gore said he invented the internets. All by himself!

Bubba picking up Tar Balls on a Alabama Beach for BP

"This is the way the scam works: Conservative Republican Tea Bag bloggers gin up a fake controversy,[ Obama was born on Mars and a Alien Lizard]" one groused. "The RNC emails around their blog post. Then the Fox Network and Glenn Beck picks up the 'controversy' and the Conservative Corporate Republican bloggers and the Fascist Military Industrial Commplex commentators go on TV and talk about the latest figment of their own silly little South Carolina Republican Party noise machine." * Bubba reading the Fox News Corp own WSJ

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