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Jun 20, 2010


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Good piece, Ed.


You said both have been charge with assault. By whom?

Unless I've really missed something, this story hasn't had a bit of coverage in the print version of the N&O.


there you go giving the teabaggers a pass once again.

Ed Cone

Dale, both men were charged by the magistrate.

The N&R mentioned the story in a very brief item that ran on an inside page as part of a political-news roundup.

I think the effort to make Tabor a martyr and the altercation a symbolic event are over the top, but I'm surprised the local paper has pretty much ignored the whole thing.

Brandon Burgess

A decidedly fair take. It's good to hear calm and collected discourse on this controversial event (even over my own "noise").

I think the idea of "viewers projecting their own opinions" is a critical one. Although the camera can not lie, it still isn't the final word.


Brandon, the camera DOES lie. Ask Linda Shaw.

 Fred Gregory


I am not the least bit surprised that the N&R has " pretty much ignored the whole thing ". Depends on whose Ox is being gored, ya think ?

Allen Johnson did do a nice wrap up column on the Tabor thing and the Bob Etheridge incident in his Sunday column .

Nathan Tabor Fight Club Fan

Good Grief! How much mileage can you get out of a confirmed Soy Bean Religious Republican brain dead idiot?

Jim Langer

If readers didn't understand the paranthetical words were glosses, then we are in even deeper trouble in this city/county/country than I thought.

Why would Tabor protect his wife, as he fully attests to attempting, in his mind, if he didn't think Spencer was dangerous? Has anyone reacted outside of Roch's blog on the removed frames from the video?

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