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May 30, 2010


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Account Deleted

It's the cleanup stoopid.

A. Bulluck

I do hope that the voters who pushed this hack into office are enjoying this epic trainwreck. I'm not, however, I do get some satisfaction out of being able to say, "See, I told you so." It'll be interesting to see how he faults former President George W. Bush for this disaster.

happy as heck ramsey peckinpah

this is the difference between people with ideas and people of action. obama ran on ideas. he was elected on big ideas. he had the idea that bush's record on bad ideas was untouchable. he had no idea.


This is an object lesson for those who support doctrinaire free enterprise, no matter what. Here we have a huge corporation that, in acordance with conservative principles, was given permission to drill for oil in the Gulf. Something breaks, and they can't fix it. Where is the free market now? Why aren't multitudes of inventive entrepreneurs showing up at BP's doorstep presenting better ways to plug up the well?

Of course, we have the spectacle of conservatives blaming Obama for this. That is to be expected from conservatives, who have a convenient habit of forgetting.

Rather than blaming the government they hate for failing to fix something caused by the corporations and the ideology they love, why don't they just admit they screwed up here, bigtime?

Account Deleted

Corbly: Your comment, like a lot of those from the blind faith followers, is so naive. I have yet to blame Obama for the spill. Or the explosion. Or the lack of oversight.

That was obviously everyone's problem and fault.

What I specifically fault the current president for is a failure to lead in the effort to prevent the spill from coming ashore.

How does one get oil out of a marsh or a wetland?

One doesn't. Ergo the government, which had 30 days to come up with a battle plan, failed to protect the nation's natural resources.

Who is the leader of the nation right now? Oh, Barack Obama.

Again, ergo, Barack Obama failed.

Don't believe me? Ask Carville. Oh, he's a Clintonite. Then ask Chris Matthews. Oh, he's on a failing network and just trying to boost ratings.

Then read Frank Rich and admit that Barack Obama failed.

David Wharton

I'm baffled by Rich's bafflement. Well, not really, but you get the idea.


Regarding cleanup;

"BP CEO disputes claims of underwater oil plumes."

TOD post includes study indicating occurrence.

BP I'm sure doesn't want another doorway to another aspect of liability. My view is that should be opened.

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