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May 23, 2010


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It sure would seem to make more sense to move some specialty programs (particularly those that might be joint ventures with A&T) to a high-rise satellite downtown; NC State did something similar (although closer to the main campus) when they built the Centennial Campus, although they benefit from their own full-blown transit system.


Jeff -

I'm definitely an advocate for getting more student housing adowntown, but UNCG doesn't seem interested in this as far as I can tell.

Ed, I would probably leave off the area to the east of Dick and Dillard streets as that is property owned by Grace Community Church which is not realistically part of UNCG's plans. In doing my rough calulation of 75 acres, I didn't include that area.

And, actually, if you wanted to be more accurate, you would need to include the north side of Lee St as well. While, not technically part of Glenwood, UNCG has already acquired parcels on that side of the street (Leon's and the parking lot adjacen to the Army Surplus store) and is likely looking at more.


I agree with the comment about a high rise satellite downtown...not sure if this would ever, ever happen but why can't UNCG and A&T merge some of the "background" operation departments (like HR, contracts and grants, payroll etc)...give them a home geographically in between the two campuses- revitalizing downtown, freeing up space on each campus, increasing efficiency etc.

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