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May 29, 2010


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Angry as Hell

Meanwhile, a good American soldier bleeds out somewhere because the medevac that should be there to save him is off getting some terrorist with a paper cut. That story made me sick to my stomach.

You say it's inhuman that boy was gonna die? I say tough shit. If we weren't there, the snake would have still bit him, and he still would have died.

For us to play ambulance for people too stupid to take care of themselves is a complete and total waste of our tax dollars. People should resign over this bullshit, starting with the unsurper in chief.

The only good thing I can say is that there's one less terrorist to attack us in the future now.


I find myself conflicted on Memorial Day. I did my time in the military and spent a 30 year career at VA trying to do the right thing for veterans. Of course we must honor our veterans for their service, including the compassion that says: "Screw the rules, we can't let a 5 year old boy die."
On the other hand we create new veterans much too easily. War is a terrible thing and we need to figure out how to deal with the rest of the world in a non-destructive way.
There is one thing I am not conficted about. Thank God I do not have to spend Memorial Day in the spiritual and intellectual hellhole that informs Angry as Hell's worldview.

Brandon Happy as Hell Burgess

Thank god (that may or may not exist) for blessing our nation with the technology, manpower, dedication and love that motivated the characters in this story. It makes me feel proud to be an American which is pretty f'n hard when that description puts me in the same category as the first commenter in this thread.

I pray (in private) that this deity will equally bless our education system that produces folks like the first commenter who lack the fortitude to finish a news report.


It brought a tear to this old Marine Viet-Nam veteran's eye to know the U.S. was able to save a young boy's life.
I hope "angry as hell" has a change of heart, because I know the good Lord loves him too.

Steve Harrison

The language and cultural barriers we face in places like Afghanistan are daunting, but rendering medical assistance can crash right through those barriers.

I spent about 3 weeks training in the Sahara, and when we first arrived my buddy (a medic) called in an IOU and guilted me into helping him run a clinic for a local bedouin village. It took about five sixteen-hour days before the line dwindled down to a manageable 8-10 folks per day, and we did everything from pulling teeth to minor surgery. And it was worth every damned minute of it.

Before we left the area, they invited those of us who had worked in this makeshift clinic to a special "thank you" dinner, and I can't adequately describe how moving this experience was.

The war for hearts and minds is not won with grand gestures or programs, it's won through numerous small gestures of kindness and compassion.


You just won mine, Steve, however much of it you hadn't already. Have a great Memorial Day.

Michele Forrest

Semper fidelis. :)

Angry as Hell

Everyone is missing the forest for the trees. Our tax dollars, which are to be used to stamp out and crush terrorist islam worldwide, are instead used as a taxi service to help out terrorist children who get boo-boos. This story should inspire outrage at just how misguided our war efforts are now under the Hussein regime, not tug at the heartstrings. Then again, msot of you have hearts so black they'd make darkness look like high noon. No wonder you enjoyed this story so much.

So from now on, whenever a good American solider and a muslim terrorist scum are shot, let's make sure we send in a medevac and grab the camelfucker first, since that's what we're there for.

How misguided are you? Just how much do you hate this country?


"Everyone is missing the forest for the trees."

Or they are just not buying your shtick.

Steve Harrison

You too, CP. I'm headed to the lake to see if I'm ready to take it up a notch from my normal "survival" wake boarding approach to "getting some air". o><

It's better to burn out than to fade away. Or so I keep telling myself...

Brandon Burgess

"This story should inspire outrage at just how misguided our war efforts are now under the Hussein regime"

--So tell me buddy, who should I be outraged at? These great Americans took the initiative to help the boy even before they got the go ahead from their commanders. So tell me, am I to be outraged at the soldiers and medical personel? Did you read the part of the story about a helicopter being denied the first time? This action did not come from "Hussein". These were not generals. You'll have an opportunity to express your outrage to these soldiers directly when they come back home.

Angry as Hell

Tell me, Brandon, what do we gain from them saving the kid? It is going to do anything to help our war effort over there? Or is it going to keep another terrorist alive who will turn his guns on our troops the second he's old enough to do so.

By wasting our resources in such a way, all we do is keep our enemy alive so they may try and kill us another day. If it's not literally shooting ourselves in the foot, I don't know what is.

It was right to deny the helicopter the first time, in fact it never should have come up. Children die every day from unfortunate means, you can't save every one even if you wanted to. We have priorities over there; ending terrorist islam is the main one, not shuttling around stupid terrorist chldren. If they really wanted to help the kid, they could have put him out of his misery sooner. It would have been a lot cheaper and a much better use of our tax dollars. And if the father complained, well then we could have put him out of his misery as well.

This is war. There are casualities. If you don't like it, make yourself one.

Brandon Burgess

Angry, I have not served in the military so I wont pretend to know what is best for our soldiers over there. From my very limited understanding of the situation, it seems that we have learned that we will not end the influence that terrorist factions hold by force alone.

What these soldiers did was show the man, his family, and anyone they tell their story to, that the western world isn't so bad, even the occupying soldiers whose technology and dedication saved the life of another kid who could've ended up a no-named statistic as it relates to snake-bite victims. I don't think this kind act or the many others (such as not shooting into houses that we know to be occupied by children) that occur will go unnoticed. You go tell the soldiers to "put him out of his misery".

angry as heck

this kid would have made a perfect drone target. we're losing our senses

Angry as Hell

You're going udner the assumption that these are civilized people who will appreciate what we are doing. They are not. No muslim is civilized. They will gladly take our help and then shoot us when our backs are turned. If you don't think that this kid isn't going to attack our troops the second he is able to, you're nieve to the point you're dangerous.

Us saving that kid now means we'll have to fight him later. And the more of them we have to go and try to save, the more of our soldiers will not get the aid they need out there. But since you're on the terrorist's side, I'm sure the idea of more dead soldiers is right up your sick, perverted, disguisting, twisted freak alley, isn't it?

Brandon Burgess

Us saving that kid now means we'll have to fight him later...But since you're on the terrorist's side, I'm sure the idea of more dead soldiers is right up your sick, perverted, disguisting, twisted freak alley, isn't it?

--Are you saying that the soldiers who took the initiative to save this kid are actually so ignorant that they are helping the enemy when YOU know better than they do? Are you saying that these soldiers are on the terrorists side? Are you saying that these soldiers are sick and perverted also? After all, I am only supporting the actions of these soldiers, so if I am a freak for doing so, they must be worse than me for actually doing it, right?

Brandon Burgess

Obviously, the first part of my last post is not my words. I intended for that to be in quotation marks.

Angry as Hell

There's nothing wrong with the soldiers. They are following orders, as they are trained to do. The problems are with the orders themselves. That problems goes all the way up the chain to the usurper in chief himself, King Hussein the Wicked.

It's tough to be a soldier. In enemy territory, surrounded by people who hate you and everything you stand for and are plotting to kill you and your loved ones at every hour of the day, yet not only are you not allowed to hunt them down like the scum they are, when they inevitably injure themselves due to their own stupity, you have to help them at the expense of helping your own. It's a completely backwards way of thinking, much like all liberalism is, and it's doing more to hurt us then anything else. And it's only going to get worse now that the faggot agenda has gotten don't ask don't tell replaced and now our soliders have to worry about being attacked in their own beds. The liberals have perverted our military to the breaking point, and it's sickening that they've been allowed to do so.

Brandon Burgess

I can see that you still haven't taken the time to read the article that tells us these soldiers took it upon themselves to save this child without orders from above.

Judging from your comments I gather that you are an enemy of American soldiers who don't enjoy the same sexual activities as you. We are definitely not on the same team. My team is fighting against people like you in Afghanistan who would use violence to force your hateful worldview on the rest of us.

You would probably make a lot of friends in the taliban.

Britt Blaser

Can you imagine living in Angry as Hell's bitter, pinched little world? It's obvious he never served in the military. It's as likely he's had few generous moments in his life. A generous spirit is the definition of an adult life.

As a Vietnam era vet, I have a license to criticize every narrow-hearted, pinch-minded little shit like "Angry as Hell": I was shot down in Vietnam, awarded three DFCs for valor and have forgotten the names of most of the 4 rows of ribbons I was awarded. I did not sacrifice for "Angry as Hell"'s little life, though I did sacrifice to allow him to be a public and boring little asshole.

"Angry as Hell": I'm Britt Blaser and I approved this message. Reach me at or at 212.599.2767. Call me and share your narrow little world, if you've got the balls.

Otherwise, Shut the Fuck Up while we adults work hard to make this a better place. It's a full time job.

Angry as Hell

Well "Britt", I looked up your number, and unless your name is really Tamara Bavendam then you're lying about that being our number. And since you're willing to lie about that, then you're probably lying about your service as well, since anyone who has served would agree with me that shuttling around terrorists with nicks and bruises is a complete waste of our tax dollars and our military resources that could be better spent snuffing out terrorist islam or nearly anything else.

So I'm not going to fall for your traps, you pathetic little man. You disgrace the name of all of our real soldiers with your false claims. Of course, it makes sense all the wannabe soldiers are coming out on Memorial Day, hoping they can pretend to be the men they never were.

sean coon

angry as hell smells of the same stuff that makes effed up. my guess, for what it's worth.

Angry as Hell

Stop doing drugs. Maybe your comments would make sense, and you would learn how to properly capitalize letters. Then again, if you had a government school education, it's a miracle you could even write your own name without drooling on the keyboard and shorting it out.

Account Deleted

What a great story of our soldiers doing something above and beyond. I like that the officer at the second outpost challenged the status quo by asking them to acknowledge that the boy would die.

As the father of a five-year old boy I can only imagine what it would be like to the the Afghani father looking for help from the most advanced nation in the world.

happy as heck

the most advanced nation just happened to be advancing on the less advanced in his neighborhood. what a stroke of kismet.

Andrew Brod

I think AAH is a performance artist of the Andy Kaufman variety; the type who does or says bizarre things and giggles as everyone else feels awkward or angry. Instead of wrestling women in Memphis, AAH plays the hyper-patriot at Step right up! Watch everyone get angry!

Could a human being be as horrid as AAH? Sure. But I'll bet this is a goof for him, and he's laughing every time someone takes the bait and engages him. Of course I write this knowing that a stream of invective is about to be pointed at me. But oh well. It's just part of the show, folks. Step right up!


andrew: AAH is Tony Clifton and the Katrina Kiss My Ass Orchestra. This is an alter ego at work.


May God bless America again.

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