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May 25, 2010


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Andrew Brod

I thought I'd expedite matters and move the comments in the direction in which the usual crowd will inevitably move them. Ready?

Ed sux! He has opinions even though he claims he has none! I'm going to conflate two unrelated posts he's written and claim they imply rampant hypocrisy! I'm going to misspell words! And run with scissors!


Also, why is Ed still trying to blame the Bush administration for stuff that happened during the Bush administration?

But, to be serious for a moment, I think David Gergen (of whom I'm not normally much of a fanboi, despite my institutional affiliation) has this about right. The Obama administration's response (or lack thereof) has been pitiful, and those who support Obama do nobody any favors by making excuses.

Of course, had Obama taken the kind of bold swift action Gergen mentions, the professional Obama-haters would now be screeching "Liberal-Socialist-Fascist-BigGub'mint Tyranny!!!111!1!1!!"

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