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May 27, 2010


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The same thing goes for Joe Sestak and the Obama Adminstration. Somebody's lying indeed.

South Carolina Sin  Sex City

Folks needs to publish his evidence or shut up. *Edward

He is! Clearly this is a Republican blogging campaign of a thousand cuts to the Candiate...

Have you no shame?


Dang. I actually agree with Spag. Unicorns for everybody!

Unicorns for Jesus and sinful Republicans

Dang. I actually agree with Spag. Unicorns for everybody!*Lex

No doubt you are either a equal sinner for all or simply a get along with to get along guy without blame!

Red State Republican says Folks got paid to do the dirty deed..........And he knows who it is?


Yeah, I'm quite the sinner. I even mock the insane from time to time. Sue me.

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