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May 31, 2010


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A. Bulluck

I now know why Obama removed the bust of Churchill from the Oval Office. Initially, I thought it was about race and ignorance. Silly me. Now I know it was all about leadership, or in the case of Obama - lack thereof. Reports overseas on the Gulf disaster are sad. Change rocks.


i'm glad none of the reformers in the USG have cozied up to bankers, insurers, military contractors and pharmaceuticals the way they have to oil companies. would that be a plume waiting to happen or what? call us lucky

greensboro transplant


i see your point, but there's an easy cure for all the corruption. more government control.

much in the same way we failed to eliminate poverty by not spending enough, we've failed to eliminate fraud because we still allow private enterprise.

rest assured they're working on this. as with the spill, you must be patient.

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