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May 28, 2010


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Hmmm. If they were just looking to fill an unpaid advisory slot, would they have asked Clinton to get involved?

On the other hand, if they were really trying to get Sestak out of the race, teasing him with an unpaid advisory job seems pretty pointless.


Wow, I agree with Justcorbly. This explanation of an unpaid job is something that nobody with the common sense Ed cites should be expected to believe.

They were trying to get Sestak out of the race, and it's incredible to believe they would do so with an "unpaid job".


Andrew Brod

I'm underwhelmed by this supposed crime/cover-up/scandal.

greensboro transplant

chicago style comes to dc. i don't know if it's a crime. but it's icky and the same ole same ole.

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution/ Take a bow for the new revolution/ Smile and grin at the change all around me/Pick up my guitar and play/ Just like yesterday/ And I'll get on my knees and pray*/ We don't get fooled again/ Don't get fooled again

*i will pray privately or corporately with a group of like-minded believers. the prayer will not be govt sanctioned nor will it occur at any govt event.

 Jon A Firebaugh

You can be underwelmed, but Jonathan Chait's logic for defending thae action is flawed. Whether or not:
1. accepting the position offered or
2. running for office
are "mutually exclusive" has nothing to do with the ethics or legality of the actions.
It's obvious to anyone with even half a brain that Clinton was used to insulate the administration. Legal or illegal, it's a sleazy move, and a backfired one at that.

Andrew Brod

I'm always amused when conservatives discover that politics involves self-interest. Horrors! The night-sweats are especially bad when the calculated move is made by a Democrat. As though a conservative would never do such a thing. Perish the thought!

It's also interesting how quickly attitudes about this kind of thing can morph. It was not much more than a year ago when Obama offered Judd Gregg the post as his Commerce secretary, and it was understood that political objectives were part of the story. Not even the newly sensitive flowers of the GOP were particularly bothered by that, but this Sestak thing leaves them grasping for their hankies.

So sure, go ahead and be outraged and throw around words like sleazy. But this is how the grown-ups play, in both parties, and some times it involves, you know, politics.



Here's the question: Why would Sestak, a man accustomed to rank and its privileges, accept a likely ceremonial unpaid "job" as an Obama flunky, rather than taking a shot at gaining access to the top legislative body in the nation, a pretty exclusive club of only 100 members?

There's at least one person who's lying about this situation. It's likely that a lot of Democrat people are lying.

It makes little difference ultimately for the Senate seat. Toomey will win the seat by a wider margin than pre-scandal. When all this is sorted out, the Dems will add yet another sordid chapter to their Vast Democrat Culture of Corruption legacy.

The only question that remains to be answered is that of how disastrous this turns out to be for them further down the road.


..and I'm sure you'll be just as amused the next time those shrill dramatic liberals cry to the heavens about the "appearance of impropriety" the next time it's a conservative under the microscope. Otherwise, if that sort of consistency is not your bag, either defend what Obama did or wait your turn.


Yep, lots of pressure applied here.

"Hey, Pal. C'mere. I got a proposition for yez. See, you drop outta da race, and we give youse a job what don't pay. Whaddaya say?"

If that's the best dirty-politics pay-off they can muster, these guys are in the wrong business.

Account Deleted

Andrew: I'm overwhelmed by your hypocrisy. Really. Gregg was not in an election campaign.

Can we all just start standing for what is right instead of what is good for your political party?

The two party system is broken. The last three administrations have proven that. Beginning with Lewinsky, both parties have proven they will skewer logic and bend the "truth" to fit their ends.

It makes me wanna puke. All of them.


Andrew, SESTAK- not the GOP or those evil conservatives- is the person who raised the issue.

So do you really want to go from "it was only a blow job" to "it was only a bribe"?

That kind of dismissal demonstrates the real partisanship at play.


jeff: i felt like you until i took a moment of silence to ponder whether i was dealing with kleptomaniacs or professional shoplifters. unless you become familiar with the model, methods and motives of each you will have no defense against them. i can help you with the identification and gamesmanship.

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