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May 28, 2010


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If there are people who think things like this below, I want to know:

"'Oh, my poor baby is sick only the great Obama can save him,' wrote one sarcastic reader. 'Makes me sick just reading it.'"


I don't know if there are any sites I read because of the comments. Commenting is fun, a bit like arguing with Crazy Uncle Harry who keeps showing up at the reunions. But, if there has ever been a blog that actually sustained mature converations in the comments, I have yet to see it. (All things considered, this blog comes as close as any I've seen. People do actually answer questions and reply to specific comments, in the midst of the "You Suck and Die!" stuff.

It's interesting that Dave Winer and some of the other blogging pioneers went years without allowing comments. Most likely, that was because they were using software that couldn't handle comments. But, while software may allow someone to say something, that doesn't mean the rest of us need to pay atention.

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