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May 26, 2010


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I have a prediction.....

Andrew Brod

This is bizarre. Was there any kind of threat in his email? I presume this won't get far before it's dismissed.

And didn't he speak the truth? I mean, isn't it understood that Bunning actually is a bit insane? But never mind: truth is a defense for libel, not harassment.

Of course the other bizarre thing about the story is that the alleged harasser is a former professional burglar.

Angry as Hell

The liberal terrorists want to control the internet to get rid of free speech. Plain and simple. If you aren't worshiping socialism or Marxism or communism or terrorist islam, then they want to come after you.

I will never give my name over the interet. If they want it, they can read my bullets.

We need to take our country back NOW! We can't wait until November.

Andrew Brod

Um, Jim Bunning's a liberal terrorist? Oh, I guess AAH means the FBI, seeing as how it's part of the Obama administration.

Good thing AAH didn't write to Sen. Bunning about his bullets.

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