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May 21, 2010


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Account Deleted

Your post reminded me that the current president was the largest recipient of political donations from BP during the 2008 election cycle.


So BP paid Obama to put his boot heel on their throat?

Andrew Brod

Obviously, BP should have given that money to Rand Paul instead of Barack Obama.

Speaking of Paul, he may turn out to be the gift that keeps on giving. Give 'em hell, Rand! Rush to the defense of BP, AIG, Citicorp, Enron, Worldcom, Tyco, and Adelphia! To do anything else would be un-American.


Back to that TPM sourcing again.

What I got out of Ed's post is that the Obama Administration has had ONE MONTH to deal with the oil spill and they have failed miserably.

Blame it on BP, but remember that God created Hurricane Katrina, not George W. Bush.

Andrew Brod

Again with the false equivalences.

Dubya and Brownie made Katrina worse. The worst one can say about Obama is that he didn't work hard enough to wade through BP's lies, and that he didn't work fast enough to undo the damage wreaked on the MMS by the Bush administration. That's bad, but it's hardly in the same league.


Sam Spagnola: "The devil created George W. Bush."


With all the right's toadyism regarding BP, I'm still waiting to hear an explanation of how the market can stop this from happening again.


You're right Brod. I remember when Bush and Brownie made that phone call to God and asked him to send a little more rain and wind.

Every comparison of Obama failures to Bush failures is always labeled a "false equivalency" to brush off the criticism. I mean who can argue with that? Nothing is ever going to be exactly the same.

One month, Brod. The funny thing is that YOU are still blaming BUSH !

You simply can't be taken seriously by anyone anymore. Your arrogance and partisanship has blinded you. On the other hand, turning to many blogs for a serious discussion is often futile anyway. Lucky for you.


What time does Wheel of Fortune come on? How many toothpicks, Ray?

Account Deleted

Roch, et al: No, but he was about to give them the keys to the coastline just a few days before this accident.

Corporate whore still the same.


"Corporate whore still the same."

Mr. Hope 'n Change, the Champion of Crony Capitalism?

Friend of the Oppressed Unions?

Nah, say it ain't so, Barry!

There must be a few people who still believe you, not the least of whom are the Usual Suspects on this blog.


"What is the intent of this thread, CP?"
Posted by: Ed Cone | May 21, 2010 at 02:19 PM

Uhh, the same as THIS one, maybe?

Also, AHEM!

"Democratic Party operatives must have melted their servers with all the e-mail messages they sent to reporters questioning Paul's views on racism and his libertarian beliefs. Were they so extreme that he would not support one of the signature laws of American equality?
This is what opposition parties do."

Cause it works!

So predictable. So boringly, playbook operative, predictable.


The problem with politics is that too much of it is dumbed down. This post/thread is a fine example.

All politics, all the time. Little thought or intellectual curiosity, just talking points, spin and attacks.


...the market will not stop this from happening again, the market demands oil, you are on a computer made with plastics (oil), you are on the internet powered by electricity (oil), you are in an air conditioned house (oil), unless you are willing to give up your entertainment, comfort and standard of living it will happen again. People will die mining and drilling to fulfill your needs for cheap energy.
It is not George Bush's fault or Barack Obama's it is ....

Andrew Brod

If Spag thinks that my remark is equivalent to believing that Dubya was responsible for the weather during Katrina, well, the mind reels. Spag may be even dumber than I thought.


Brod, it might have something to do with your comment "Dubya and Brownie made Katrina worse." Apparently you are exactly as dumb as I thought.

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