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Apr 10, 2010


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A. Bulluck

The WPA did a lot to fuck up our physical and aesthetic environments. I get where you're coming from though, Ned. Those folks in the Nederlands are too stupid for their own good. Remember though, not everyone can live in Xanadu II. When your head exits your ass, you'll get what I'm saying.

Jack Hart

I am reminded of a story I heard close to 30 years ago.
Cecil Thomas who went on to form the old Thomas Produce fruit stand out on Randleman raod and the old Thomas Produce Trucking with his sons Donald and Joe, told of working on the Blue Ridge Parkway above Mount Airy on a WPA or CCC project.
All of a sudden the rattle snakes got so thick they could not work. Someone said to go about 500 feel lower in elevation and get as many King Snakes as they could find and bring them up.
They did and the story went on that for years you would not find a rattler in the area!

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