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Apr 06, 2010


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Shorter Bartiromo: I lived through the dot-com boom without learning a thing.

Good to know.


Completely unrelatedly, my spamkiller word just now was "kdammm," which I am adopting as my Jersey Shore name.

sean coon

i hate it when idiots speak for me. "we" didn't think anything of the sort, miss beautiful talking head.

sean coon

"MARIA: OK. You know it’s interesting that you would say, "I think that’s what men do," because I think that’s what men do do"

do do? i do do do. do you do do do? heh. sorry. i had a beavis moment.


i owe maria a footrub. during the 2000-2003 market hiccup there was a sigma event in pessimism near the bottom. my two most reliable services to date were predicitng that 2003 was the beginning of a larger, steeper correction. i was looking for a sign from e pluribus yahweh unum, the one true god, that a bottom was in place. thus spake Maria in late Oct of '02, "markets are in such turmoil that it appears the only way you can make a profit is by shorting." She called the bottom with her pessimism which caused me to ask the question, "are those puppies real?"

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