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Apr 28, 2010


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Tilting At Fascism Windmills

“I am approving the Cape Wind project,” Mr. Salazar said. “This will be the first of many projects up and down the Atlantic coast.” * Story

When press by the local media about a " Perfect Storm" hitting the Wind Power Farm. Mr Salazar said. "So what? No doubt the mega power created by a Force 1 hurricane will light up 1/2 Eastern Seaboard of the United States at no cost and not only that, the farm will create a endless Sea Gull market that will feed millions of homeless people in New York State."

A. Bulluck

"Watch out for the wind turbines and oil rigs, Little Johnny." Wish people would wake up and see past partisanship on this issue. Greed is not partisan.


No way of producing energy is without risk. Even windmills. Although, sometimes the risk seems to be more like annoyance.

We are technological creatures in a technological society. We tend to resolve our disputes with technology, not by reaching some grand universal moral epiphany. Instead, new tech pops up that renders the old moiral debates moot.

We are not bonobos, happily bonking each other in the forest. If that was all we wanted, all we needed to survive, we'd still be in the forest, largely indistingiushable from bonobos. Instead, our survival relies on our tools, and the ante always gos up.


From Sports Illustrated's "This week's sign the apocolypse is upon us", I agree with every word JC just said!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (xcept I don't know what a bonobo is)

sean coon

my parents live in falmouth and called today with the news of the wind farm. they're both super excited, especially with the 1,000 jobs the project is bringing to the area. the biggest opposers? the kennedy clan (and other well to do's) because it will ruin their scenic view.



CP, bonobos are our closest primate cousins.

Per Wikipedia: Used to be called pygmy chimpanzees, but are a distinct species. They walk upright about 25 percent of the time, and have facial characteristics that vary from one bonobo to the next. They seem to engage in a lot of sex, especially in captivity. That's led to a popular reputation that they use sex to resolve conflicts and ease the gears of their society. They're self-aware (i.e. recognize themselves in a mirror), communicate vocally, and use facial expressions and hand gestures that make sense to most humans. And they laugh and make very simple tools.

They are endangered. Ten thousand live in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


WOW! Can't believe I've never heard of them. They certainly sound like us. Just when I thought I knew everything...


they make tools but they can't remember where they put them. they live where they can't get a job, recognize themselves in a lineup and have more sex as an inmate. all of us have cousins like that.


I think what you're describing are the closely related Beelzonobos.


sex and conflicts...hmmm.... was one Pres. back in the late 90's.?



Roger Greene

I can't mate in captivity. Maybe they're more evolved.


I don't have much luck with sex resolving my conflicts either.

Steve Harrison

I can safely say that 94% of all of my life's conflicts can be traced to the pursuit of sex, and the other 6% I probably could have avoided if I wasn't distracted by casual female passersby.

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