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Apr 26, 2010


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Brandon Burgess

Thanks for turning us on to Ms. Scheer and her art. I love her work.


So where is this? It looks like the sort of non-cookie cutter eatery I'd like to check out.


I'm guessing Alpat.

Ed Cone

Nope, The O'Henry. Another interior view.


Of course!


Thanks. I've passed that place many times and thought it looked like it was worth a try. Now I'll be sure to venture in.

Jim Saintsing

Unusually naturalistic portrait of the Queen.


"I'm guessing Alpat."

Last time I looked, Alpat is gone.


Jim S. FTW!

Brandon Burgess

Eric, can't go wrong with a big old bowl of pintos and some cornbread: $2.00.


Since 1953, serving hobos, Wake Forest students and other downtrodden types who appreciate a heaping plate of 1 meat and 2 vegetables for three dollars (used to be $2.50)


add some pickled cabbage/green tomato chowchow and you have the o'henry science project in B flatus. Speaking of the Alpat, 5 or 6 nice Greek guys took me under their wings a few years back. Every Saturday morning they translated the Greek and Macedonian papers for me. They also told me where to eat when i stayed out of town and the best ways to kill a Turk.


Ah, chow-chow! Don't forget the Texas Pete.


Oh, Bell Bros. looks wonderful too. Thanks for the tip, CP!

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