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Apr 16, 2010


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A. Bulluck

This incompetent bunch would be better off working with Scottish Inns to land a dumpy motel downtown that would rival the Greensboro Inn.

David Hoggard

Where is Tim? We desperately need clarity on this issue and he's the one who could set us straight.


nice one david, can't wait to hear who gets blamed for denying this project.

Jim Caserta

So Greensboro loses that part of their allocation? Could anyone think of another project that might have been able to use those funds - I'm looking at you Hogg...

David Hoggard

Already on it, Jim.

I'm getting indications that Tuesday night's Council meeting might make the City Staff's and the N&R's head explode.

WMS is shovel ready and too big to fail.

David Hoggard

That's not to say, though, that the hotel-model loan is applicable to WMS - because it is not (property is owned by the City) - just hinting that many financing options might finally get explored and not just talked about.

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