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Apr 09, 2010


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Check out the "Twit Olympics"


Love this sketch (and Python in general). Great ending - the Germans dispute the goal by Greece: "Hegel is arguing that the reality is merely an a priori adjunct of non-naturalistic ethics, Kant via the categorical imperative is holding that ontologically it exists only in the imagination, and Marx is claiming it was offside."


argument clinic once a week does me good.

Ed Cone

My laughter at the clip completely validated my decision to take philosophy courses in college instead of being a pre-med.

Andrew Brod

Beelze: Not it doesn't!

Andrew Brod

I can't believe I screwed up something that simple: "No, it doesn't!"

It's been a long week.


I just discovered my parrot is dead.

Andrew Brod

No, he's just resting.

Beautiful plumage, idn't it?


does too!


I'm guessing there is no updated Monty Python work ?

For example, something along the lines of quantum mechanics/entanglement/human's collapse the probability waveform etc.


And when Karl Marx was warming up; it was game over!

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