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Apr 30, 2010


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Let the Gulf states fight it out with big oil - if the federal government gets involved we are bailing out big oil and continuing to allow the encroachment of socialism that will eventually crush capitalism. How those folks down there like the Tarp bailout?


what's Brownie doing now?

A. Bulluck

Obama's Katrina. Sadly, the media will blame BRITISH Petroleum for this mess. How did Obama respond? He ate ribs and baked beans in Asheville, NC. Oh yeah, he also took in a "moutain view walk" off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Wrong area, Mr. President. Gulf Coast shrimpers should be so lucky. This is the same guy who is open to drilling holes all up and down the east coast for whatever the hell?!

Reynolds Wrap

Original, Bulluck. You should email that to Rush.


[quote="AB"]This is the same guy who is open to drilling holes all up and down the east coast for whatever the hell?![/quote]

Since I'm not a local, I wonder is this more partisanship behavior - has the commenter previously indicated disagreement with offshore drilling ? Or agreement ?

For the record, I think the issue is 'moot' - we will continues drilling anywhere and everywhere to keep Business As Usual going, as there is no national plan to replace oil technology.


The Coast Guard originally reported there was no leak. Then the next day that it had leaked about 1000 barrels. So it's hardly Obama's fault if the initial reaction to the disaster wasn't a full overblown mess. If it had been, then the right would have accused him of being hyper sensitive and over reactionary.

But whatever.


this has shovel ready stimulus smeared all over it.

Roger Greene

Let's take them up on their offer. Link:


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