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Mar 04, 2010


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It's the 'Cuse. Bilas did a nice segment with Boeheim last weekend, if you saw it. You DO have to execute. Basicly the defense determines who takes the shot, and their guards are always up top, ready for the outlet pass/fast break.




My own belief is that changing defenses is the most effective approach. A well executed match-up zone is a bitch to play against, but as the article points out, not many people know how to coach it.

I think this all came about because of coaches feeling like they are always preparing their players for the next level. The pros played man by rule, so college coaches played it to attract players with pro aspirations, so high school coaches played it to get colleges to look at their kids.

sean coon

no one can do it as well as my alma mater, the 'cuse. what duke (and others) need to do this year is learn how to attack it.


Good points. It flusters a team when you switch to it because you never practice against it. Sean, it's spelled "dook", for future reference.

sean coon

haha. point taken.

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