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Mar 04, 2010


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Ivan Saul Cutler

The balkanization of High Point showrooms, a vicious internecine warfare of insular owners over the years, help contribute to weakening and possibily killing a mercantile golden goose.

The old gray furniture market ain't what it used to be, and there's a reason not entirely attributable to the recession.

Lack of compelling leadership across the spectrum, in particular the warring showroom owners and operators who failed to recognize they are in the same figurative boat. Instead of rowing forward, they bonk each other with oars and consider that activity a stellar accomplishment of harmony.

The lack of visonary-minded cohesion High Point contributed significantly to the rise of the flawed Las Vegas market, whose seductive superficial neon diverted or sucked precious dollars from a weak industry, and that meant diluted investment in High Point.

The best plan for all the High Point building owners is to hire one leasing company for all showrooms under a sensible master lease and plan. But first, it demands real, head-knocking leadership.

The other element is unburdening the market authority from an unprogressive governance of competitive showroom owners who chamption and preserve mediocrity because they are fearful one of their competitors might gain some advantage. Meanwhile, everyone loses.

This is a Greek Tragedy requiring a mercantile version of deus ex machina (a solving god dropped in by a crane) to create a salutory ending that becomes a sustaining beginning for success.

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