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Mar 05, 2010


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I think its is a difficult time to build hotels, however Fayetteville clearly is a different market from Greensboro. Its not a business/convention destination like Greensboro. I do think that Kaplan and Urban Hotel Group should build their hotel in phases if they are going to do it.


Greensboro is a business/convention destination? Really? And if so, do we not already have enough, or more than enough hotels and rooms to accomodate these visitors? Are either of the two projects the one Bridget Chisholm is also involved with in Fayetteville? If so, that's 0 for 2 in getting these grand hotel ideas off the ground. If the Crowne Plaza hotel is getting bids, what does this mean? That they already have the letter of credit they need and are moving forward, or do they need to first get the plan(s) finalized through these bids before getting the letter of credit? Does that make sense?


Back to my point in an earlier discussion, a LOC will be very difficult if not impossible to get in this economic climate. That is real money that investors will have to guarantee and this project has yet to convince me the it will be profitable over the longer term. I would not put any of my money into this deal.

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