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Mar 23, 2010


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Are you under the impression that the complete application is forthcoming?

Ed Cone

No, the linked page says what is included and what is not.

Think I should amend the post to say "parts of" the response?


Unless I am missing something, it looks like "none" of the response. The city should come through with what was promised:

"We will post a working draft on the GoogleGreensboro.com site the week of March 22nd as well."
Ed Cone

Not sure if you're objecting to the lack of the entire application, or to the as-yet-unfulfilled use of the future tense in the phrase "will post."


The blog post I linked to above and the City's press release announcing the wiki to which you link in your post both promise to post a working draft. Where is the working draft?


From the City press release:

"The City will also publish a draft of its Google project application today for residents to view and provide feedback. The draft will be available at http://googleforgreensboroapplication.wikispaces.com."

I asked if you had the impression that the entire application was forthcoming. You said no. I'm not asking you to read minds, but if what is currently posted is all we are going to get, wouldn't that be deficient to meet the promises made?

Ed Cone

The City says it "will post" a draft.

There's a page set up for it.

So far, so good.

If they don't end up populating the page with content, then they will not have met their promise.

But the future continues to arrive with every passing second, so let's give them a little time.


Your new found confidence is contrary to your opinion of 10:17 that no more information was forthcoming. But if it thrills you to use your own change of mind to belittle someone else's concern, by all means.

Ed Cone


I apologize for any lack of clarity.

I'm not trying to belittle anyone, and I have not changed my mind.

You asked earlier if I thought the complete application was forthcoming.

I said no, the page clearly states that only parts of the application are forthcoming.

What I have tried to say since then is that I do expect those parts to appear as promised.

Ed Cone

I hear the app team is adding its comments now, and that the parts of the document to be posted will follow.

Ross Myers

A working draft of the Narrative Parts of the Google Request for Information are up on the Wiki for input. The City has pledged to post a completed draft on the GoogleGreensboro site by Thursday.

Thank you to the GSO Public Library for helping pull the Wiki concept together.


No worries, Ed. Posting the application the day before its due date falls short of what was originally promised to be several days prior.

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