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Mar 01, 2010


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Another attorney once wrote:

"It seems to me that the statute gives discretionary authority to the Local Government Commission and that would likely discourage a Court from entering a declaratory judgment as to what is and is not a valid proposal. At the very least, I don't think the Court would act prior to action from the LGC lest any ruling be considered an advisory opinion and because a denial by LGC could render the Plaintiff's request moot."

Seems to match Payne's reasoning that the Weaver/Quaintance suit is premature.

Ed Cone

"I don't think the Court would act prior to action from the LGC..."

Influencing the LGC is surmised by some to be one motivation behind the suit.


That, too.


question. So if this hotel gets approved by LGC would Q&W be able to bring the up the law suit then?

Andrew M.

Does the proposed downtown hotel now have a flag?


Andrew M...wrong zipcode... downtown would be 27410 not 03.

Andrew M.

I don't think the zipcode really matters. How many other $47 million, 200 room hotels do we know of being built on less than 3 acres in Greensboro?


You're right Andrew...I didn't catch that under the "details" section previously.


yes this has to be it. No other hotel with 200 rooms is being planned in Greensboro and the construction website mentions a parking garage.

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