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Mar 24, 2010


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Ross Myers

<i>"I'm not clear on how the editing process is managed at the GSO Google wiki."</i>
Well it is a wiki, so I guess it could be said that we all have an opportunity to manage it.

<i>"Who decides on the content of final document, and when will that be done?"</i>
The very talented Application Team assembled by the City will decide on what will be included in its the completed part of the Request for Information. The City has pledged to release the final draft on Thursday and Google's deadline for submission is 8pm Friday March 26.

I am very grateful to the GSO Library for hosting a venue that assist our community in strengthening its response to Google's RFI. Though all suggestions may not make it into the City's completed application keep in mind one can share their thoughts directly with Google by using the nomination process found here.


Ross, your link to the application team doesn't seem right.

Ross Myers

It's not...ty...try this one.

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