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Mar 21, 2010


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Angry as Hell

It's not waterloo, it's 9/11 all over again. Except it's 216 planes instead of just 2. And don't sit there and say this is great for us real Americans. This is terrible for us. We're watching America be destroed thanks to you. This is war.

Ed Cone

FWIW, the Waterloo thing is a direct quote from Jim DeMint last summer: If we're able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him."

Angry as Hell

My point remains. This is an attack on the level of 9/11 on America. This is a proclaimation of war. Call it what you will, but I know the truth.


"Call it what you will, but I know the truth.'

Unfortunately, the fiction that the Corruptocrats and the enablers are selling suddenly becomes purchased "truth" when the right amount of dollars get directed to the right people, and their pope gives others absolution for abandoning their beliefs by way of a phony papal bull that isn't worth the paper it's written on.

And Cone relies on Frum, of ALL people, to make his usual vapid partisan point on this absolute monstrosity of legislation.

Account Deleted

Angry: I disagree. This is a natural step in the political evolution of the country. It does change a lot, but I think we can adapt.

What is on the line here is the credibility of the government. If this fails and leads to greater fiscal imbalances then we will be in uncharted territory.

Also, I think if you are gonna make such strong comments you ought to own them.

Dave Dobson

Passing healthcare reform is worse than the violent murder of 3000 Americans by Muslim terrorists? I hope you don't actually mean that.

Dave Ribar


Hey, give the right credit for toning down the rhetoric. Before insurance reform was being compared to the slaughter of 6 million jews. Now it's just being compared to two of the planes from 9/11 instead of all four.


Cone has no agenda Bubba, and he isn't ideological. It's just happenstance that his criticisms veiled behind the words of others are nearly always directed at the Right/GOP. Just revisit his posts for the past two weeks.

Anyway, Frum is just trying to drive up his blog numbers because nobody is reading it.

Ed will be proven as wrong about this as he was the death of conservatism and the GOP as a regional party. In fact, I should compile a blog post of my own that is filled with liberal predictions over the past two years that have been proven wrong.

It's hard to buy Frum's argument as the Democrats and Obama's numbers tank even farther.

Nevermind that Frum is completely wrong about any real compromise coming from the White House. There were no real deals that could be made that didn't involve the GOP essentially caving.

Making an argument for Democrat victory and a stunning GOP defeat isn't credible in the face of polls that show how unpopular this legislation is and the number of electoral defeats already handed to Democrats over this issue and those yet to come.

Of course when the time comes, Ed Cone will be there defending himself by saying "hey, that wasn't MY position, I was only quoting Frum".

Angry as Hell

"Passing healthcare reform is worse than the violent murder of 3000 Americans by Muslim terrorists? I hope you don't actually mean that."

3000 < the millions that this will kill. War has it's casualities. 9/11 was a single, solitary strike. This is the first shot of the 2nd American Civil War.


No, it's not. It is a moderate but meaningful change to a broken system as enacted by democratically elected representatives. Your anger is misplaced. A thorough examination of the tactics and methods that failed you would be more appropriate than investing your hope in more delusion.

Andrew Brod

The current bill is indeed moderate. It's very close to the Republican alternative to Clinton's reform proposal in 1993. It's essentially the same plan that Republican governor Romney signed into law in Massachusetts in 2006. But now, when proposed by a Democratic president, it's the end of the Republic.

Andrew Brod

As for casualties, okay, let's talk casualties. According to a 2008 study that I believe I've cited here previously, the U.S. ranks last among 19 industrialized countries in deaths "amenable to health care before age 75." That's last, as in dead last. Over the period studied (late '90s to early '00s), the other countries reduced such deaths by an average of 16%. In the U.S. these preventable deaths rose by 4%.

The study estimates that 101,000 fewer deaths would have occurred in the U.S. in 2002 if the U.S. had matched the outcomes of the top performers, all of which have more government involvement in health care than we have now (or will have under the about-to-be-passed reform bill).

The reform bill won't make those 101,000 preventable deaths disappear. But it has the potential to reduce them, whereas defeating the bill would imply a deadly status quo. Let's give reform a chance instead of invoking civil war.

Andrew Brod

Another post mortem.

sean coon

angry as hell *must* be tea bagging.

Angry as Hell

You're goddamn right I'm with the Tea Party. We're the last ones who actually give a shit about this country. We warned you about the Kenyan Hitler, but you didn't listen. We warned you about how he would destroy the country from within, but you didn't listen. He's taken our money, he's taken our cars, now he's taken our health care. Soon it will be our guns, our speech, our independence. Hussein won't need two terms. He'll get it all done in one if we don't STOP HIM NOW.

If I'm a small business owner, I fire everyone who works for me tomorrow. Tell them I can't afford it anymore with the bill being passed. If they want a job on Tuesday, they can come back for 50% of what they made before, since that's how much it's gonna screw me over. If you thought the unemployment rate was bad before, it's going to skyrocket now. If you thought it sucked just trying to get a job interview before, you won't even have anyone to read your resume now.

This is a declaration of war. From the liberal terrorists to us real Americans. They won't rest until the socialist states of America exists, and Mt. Rushmore is blown up in place of Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, Keith Olbermann, and Hussein himself.

The lines were drawn tonight. Either you are with America or you are with the enemy.


Angry, I'm a business owner myself and I look with hope to the future, not hate as you do. I'm glad that my business might now have a fighting chance against the continuous rise in my health insurance premiums that I've seen go up by double digits steadily for the last 6 years.

I still have my money. I still have my car and after this law goes into effect, I'll be able to purchase the insurance I need but have been denied due to my fight with cancer from a few years ago. It is not the end of our nation, it's not even the end of our way of life. It's the end of the status quo.

I'll say a few prayers for you tonight. You obviously need them.

Ian McDowell

At least one of the conservatives here has the decency to call the Angry Anonymouse on not having the balls to attach his name to a screed so insanely overblown it insults not only every rational opponent of Obamacare but everybody who died on 911. The cocksuckers and hoopleheads remained silent.

sean coon

come on spag, where are you now? bubba? you don't have anything to say about this piece of shit? or is angry as hell an inflamed wart on your own backside speaking what you only wish you could say?

AAH, comparing obama to hitler... you're a fucking joke. state your name or shut the fuck up.

Angry as Hell

Ged - you won't have your busisess for much longer. Hussein won't have it that way. Either you'll serve the government directly or you'll perish.

Ian - right now the ones who died on 9/11 are the lucky ones. They didn't have to see what happened to this country in the wake of it.

I do need to make one correction. Its not 216 planes crashing into the foundation of America, it's 219. My honest mistake.

Angry as Hell

Sean - no you shut the fuck up. I'm not going to be bullied by a group of terrorists and terrorist sympathisters. I'm going to call it exactly how it is. This is socalism along the levels of Nazi Germany. This takeover is right out of the playbook of Adolf Hitler. Read Mein Kampf before the government tells you what books you can and can't read. Hussein did, and he took copious notes.

I doubt coon is your real last name either. Coward.

Patrick Eakes

I own a business, too, and tomorrow, I will submit census data to my current health insurance carrier. This is the first step of a process that typically leads to a large premium increase each August 1. I am also president of another business that will renew its health insurance on October 1.

I won't be firing any employees of either compnay tomorrow. No one, not even Angry with his cogent arguments, can say exactly what the ramifications of this bill will be, but I don't have any reason to believe it will cause a premium increase greater than the 20-25% my agent has been floating for the past few weeks.

I remember the same sky is falling crap in the 1990's when Clinton and Congress nudged marginal tax rates up - there will be no reason for people to invest in small businesses, hire people, blah blah blah.

sean coon

google me, bitch.

Angry as Hell

Patrick - 20-25%. Out of your profits, or what's left of them, if there is anything left. Believe me, once you really see the bottom line, you'll make the right decision for you and your family, not the one that sounds good on paper.

Racist - goggle yourself. Wouldn't surprise me if you changed your name so you could utter racial slurs on a regular basis. What, was sean kike already taken?

By the way, an excellent piece on where this country is going http://markepstein.wordpress.com/2009/08/29/armed-revolution-are-you-in-or-out/

sean coon

haha. hiding behind a fake name, slinging crap everywhere.

calling you a coward would be insulting to COWARDS.

Angry as Hell

I'm the coward? I'm the one coming to this liberal cesspool and speaking the truth about what is happeing to this country, I'm the one tht has gone out and protested this shit, I'm the one that has stuck his neck out on the line for the country that I love, and ou want to call ME a coward? Bullshit, you fucking traitor. Bullfuckingshit.

You are a disgrace to America, to humanity, and to God himself. Do us all a favor and put yourself out of our misery, before my tax-dollars go towards that very process. I'd prefer if you'd do it slow so you'd suffer like the rest of us will now that this bill has been passed, but I don't care just as long as you and I aren't breating the same air.

sean coon

you're coming to a blog using a *fake name* name and TALKING shit and you're not a coward? right. you're a fucking hero. i'll work on getting you a metal. and you've stuck your neck on the line by joining 300 other tea baggers at a rally just so you can jerk off together to call the president names because he believes all americans deserve decent healthcare? way to step up, forrest. let me know when your IQ creeps over your shoe size.

we aren't breathing the same air, douchebag. not even close.

Angry as Hell

I do more in one week for this country then you've done in your entire lifetime. When was the last time you stood up for anything? Hell, when was the last time you even stood up? I bet it must be a miserable existance, to be bed-ridden and morbiddly obese, to have to depend on the family and friends who haven't abandoned you to bring you food and try to bathe your bed sores. But great news! You'll get all the health care you could ever want now, right out of my taxes! Isn't this great! A person who changed their name to a racist slur, commit suicide by fork, who clearly has no regard for themselves or anyone else, will be taken care of, at the low, low expenses of my income.

I do hope your happy. Eat another bucket of fried chicken, fatass. I'd say do a victory lap but a lap of any kind is impossible for you.

David Hoggard

Sean, stop wallowing in the mire where Angry is taking you. The guy is angry and you are just fanning the flame.

Ed, I know the temptation is to take this vitriol down, but don't. It is good - in a 'forewarned is forearmed' sense - to truly know the breadth of the extremes on this issue.

For the record: I am alarmed and disgusted by Angry's words and beliefs espoused here. Hopefully this is not what the 'mainstream' Tea Party movement is truly about, but I fear it is and that white robes will soon be coming out of closets.

David Hoggard

Oh, and also for the record, Angry:

I am also a small business owner (9 employees) and I, like Patrick, won't be firing anyone tomorrow.

Although I don't like all of the provisions in the bill, it will, among other things I like, help me to finally offer health insurance to my people - only one of which currently has coverage.

(Due to some unexplained reason, I can only comment here once in a blue moon. So, if I can't post any follow-up comments after this - it won't be because I don't want to. Some software incompatibility stifles me on Ed's site but has let me in this morning. Maybe I should get a blog of my own.)

Tina W

Angry, if all you can do is reduce yourself to racial slurs toward a very well known person in our community whose last name is indeed Coon, and who is indeed NOT racist, then you need to check yourself and use some of that healthcare money for some serious anger management. Do you not realize that this kind of language and berating does not help your cause at all? Do you realize that people do not even pay attention to any valid point you might have because of the hate? Do you have a valid point?


"It is a moderate but meaningful change to a broken system as enacted by democratically elected representatives."

It is nothing of the sort.


"i'll work on getting you a metal. and you've stuck your neck on the line by joining 300 other tea baggers at a rally just so you can jerk off together to call the president names because he believes all americans deserve decent healthcare? way to step up, forrest. let me know when your IQ creeps over your shoe size."

Keep it up, Sluggo.


"What, was sean kike already taken?" -- Angry Little Coward

Hey, stupid. One of the features of blogs like this is the ability to see if someone posting under a particular ID has also posted under another ID. I kind of doubt that this is your first visit. While Ed may not tell us who you are, or he might tell some in private, he can find out and the rest of us can speculate -- probably with more accuracy than you can appreciate -- your current unbridled comments sounding familiar to undercurrents of your previous comments.


So do you feel the same way Angry does, Bob?


Michael Tanner documents the main points that make this thing a disaster:

" - The bill will cost more than advertised.

- Insurance premiums will keep rising.

- The quality of care will be worse.

- The Left will keep pushing for more.

- Republicans won’t really try to repeal it."

They won't need to repeal it. SCOTUS will effectively neuter this monstrosity.


"Angry" is just a right wing version of Justcorbly and a whole host of other angry leftists (see e.g., "greendog", Sean Coon, etc) who have come and gone on this blog and said whatever they wanted without any comment from the regular leftists here, so don't come looking to me to call anyone out until you guys are prepared to do the same to your own.


Chalk one up for Sam's powers of discernment.


Sam, the funny thing is, it was 12:30 in the morning when you cocksuckers and hoopleheads were being called out for your "silence". Coward!

Andrew Brod

As a counterpoint to the ugliness above, here's an eloquent and hopeful assessment.


Crazy will get you noticed but nobody will take you seriously in the long run.
This health care bill is not perfect but it is a win for common sense, IMO, and the American people, even the wingnuts, will come to see its benefits in the long run.
Goodbye haters - go sit in your chair and visit Glenbeckistan.

Ed Cone

Guilt by association is a slippery slope.

Then again, distancing oneself from extremist rhetoric made in the same comment thread is low-hanging fruit.

I don't recall previous commenters of any ilk linking to sites advocating armed revolution.

sean coon

haha. spagnolia... the ever vigilant score keeper of justice, amending permanent records of "lefties" more psychotically than a 6th grade principal. your silence is golden. do make sure you stick to your ordained reason for living -- to ensure everyone knows that ed cone is a democrat and not "fair" with what he posts -- while the scum of the earth disregards the sanctity of more than 3,000 lives, which led to the loss of more than 200,000 more lives. i couldn't imagine you being any different from who you are.

thanks, david, i hadn't planned on continuing on with bubba AAH. i just felt the need last night to shake off some cobwebs. now please excuse me while i take money out of your pocket by getting 5 government employees to carry my engorged ass downtown to change my last name back to hitler.


I haven't offered my opinion of "Angry's" comments, nor do I feel pressured to until those on the Left start calling out their name calling, hyperbolic, radical buddies on this blog. That doesn't mean that I support his/her comments. I'm just not going to play the game. There are enough double standards on this blog as it is.

Andrew Brod

Riiiight. Corbly = Angry as Hell. Got it.


Local candidate Sam Spagnola repeatedly refused to repudiate a fellow blog commenter who endorses armed violence and claims healthcare reform is worse than 3,000 American deaths on 9/11.

Ian McDowell

Fuck double standards. Fuck point scoring. Some things are so loathesome you either need to be a good enough man to denounce them unprompted, no matter who else is doing so or what other hypocrisies you may perceive. Some things are not rhetorical games, and there are genuine standards that exist independents of antagonisms and dislikes. This cocksucker compared Americans who support a bill (however misguided) that the people they voted for passed to the howling Jihadist scum who attacked the United States. I expected silence from paranoid faux-belligerent old Turkey Neck Bubba Greasy-Nay, but actually had hopes you were better than that. You stand revealed as not, you cocksucker, and by doing so, you're every bit as much of a hypocritical morally relativistic whore as Jane Fonda was when when she responded to Joan Baez's charges of genocide in the newly "united" Vietnam by saying she didn't believe in public criticism of socialist countries. This kind of evasion and lack of scruples may serve you well in the courtroom, but it makes you less of a man and more of a chewed-up little Kitty toy.


I must have missed the part where it was local candidate Sam Spagnola's job to repudiate a blog commenter on Ed Cone's left wing blog. Let's see... how many comments on other blogs can I find so I can write "Senator Kay Hagan repeatedly refused to repudiate a fellow blog commenter who endorses...."

For that matter, I don't think Linda Shaw or anyone else running in local elections have repudiated the comments of anyone here on Ed Cone's blog. Probably because like myself, it has nothing to do with them nor is it their job.

Nice, desperate try. Move up to District Three, register as a Republican, and then you can vote against me for not doing my job of repudiating blog comments on Ed Cone's left wing blog.

Ed Cone

Sam, what are your thoughts on the comments by "Angry as Hell," which say the House vote was worse than the death toll on 9/11 and include a link to a site endorsing armed violence?


Spag was recently in the paper.

Steve Harrison

Sam, it's also not your job to continually try to demonstrate Ed's hypocrisy via the hijacking of various subject vehicles, but you do it anyway.

Apparently you've set aside considerable time in your schedule to judge the happenings here, so seeking your opinion about Angry's comments is not an outrageous request. Look, I'll even help you out with some free speechwriting:

"In no way do I support or condone the bat-shit-crazy comments posted by this Angry person, nor do I support the armed uprising he is trying to wish into existence. That being said, I'm not going to play any of your Liberal games, blah blah blah..."

See? It's easy.

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