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Mar 21, 2010


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"The first county commissioner to respond to my e-mail about supporting the Google project was Republican Linda Shaw, who said she would reach out across party and jurisdictional lines to find ways to pitch in."

You forgot to mention that she didn't even know about it until you brought it to her attention because as she says "she doesn't read the blogs".

But I'm sure she appreciates your efforts on her behalf, and the fact that you noted what party she is in just in case there is a primary coming up or something.

Ed Cone

She actually did know about it, as it's been the subject of a front-page package in the newspaper, as well as editorials and television spots and City Council discussions.

What she, Perkins, and the other commissioners were happy to find out was that their support could be meaningful.


From your March 14th post:

Shaw: "'to my knowledge nothing has been mentioned to the commissioners and this has been a city council issue. I would personally like to know more and be involved.' I sent her a thumbnail description of the project and its benefits and offered to do what I can to move this forward."

Doesn't sound like she knew much unless you want to correct your earlier post and explain why she needed a "thumbnail description" if she already knew was familiar with the project.



Sorry. Bad link. Shaw's thoughts on the internet and the blogs can be found here.


Thanks for the mention Ed, but most of the credit on the Fiber Bar really goes to Ross Myers. All I did was make a few tweaks and tell folks how to embed it. It was Ross' idea and he did most of the layout work on it. Cheers to Ross.

Danny Thompson


thank you for writing your article in yesterday's N&R. I agree that in this effort, we have shown the ability to work together in building Greensboro in a positive way. I appreciate your commitment and support (as well as those of all the bloggers) in our effort to Get Google for Greensboro.
Best regards,

Danny Thompson
City Council At Large

Ed Cone

Shu and Ross -- sorry for the error, fixed in my online version.

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