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Mar 14, 2010


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Don Moore

I suspect that the County will response with the same level of support you have received from the City Council.

Dr. Mary Johnson

Alas, poor Ed, you're learning first hand what it's like to appeal to politicians for anyhing that might be right or make sense.

Somehow, I cannot work up any sympathy.

Ed Cone

The Council has done pretty well so far, although the Mayor's been a disappointment.

We'll see how the commissioners do -- I don't know if anyone's even asked them yet, and I only did it at halftime of the ACC final on a Sunday afternoon, so it's not quite time to quit yet.


here is linda shaw's response to us bloggers . I haven't posted about this yet on triadwatch but here it is, LINDASHAMANDBLOGGERS


in link it should have been shaw not sham sorry


if you want more people to talk about google for greensboro it looks like rich brenner is helping out on brad and britt and wants people to call in and also rich brenner is hosting the handleman show as well. Might be a good time to call in to the people on the steering committee


linda shaw just said last week she isn't going to read the blogs and she doesn't have anytime for that . How will she know what is going on if she doesn't read the blogs?

Ross Myers

If Wimax is or becomes involved coverage won't stop at the city limits.


TW, as one who does read the blogs I would support the project if elected to replace Shaw SO LONG AS it didn't cost taxpayer money or require incentives. Google has plenty of cash and they don't need ours. That may be a fundamental difference between me, Shaw, and several others currently on the Board of Commissioners who don't seem to mind corporate welfare.

If Google believes that Greensboro is the right market for its product, then they will make the investment regardless. It is up to the elected officials and involved persons in the community to sell them on the idea that Greensboro is the right market.

Those who do read the blogs have seen in the past few weeks that there are many motivated private citizens who are doing just that and it could make the difference in the competition.


so count me in Sam Spagnola for Guilford County Commissioner


You expect us do believe you didn't MEAN to write Linda Sham?

Ross Myers

Sam...what would you suggest as a plan to meet our Community's HSI needs if Google doesn't make us an offer?


"in link it should have been shaw not sham"




when you have to put all this crap into the post to link like

If there is one thing to change on ed's blog is to easily let links in post, instead of having to do all the


my fault will not even put the reference on how to post a link because it just messed up my post on this. sorry, if ed can change the post on my comment above on the link to the video please do but meant to say shaw not sham,


Ross, I don't see that as a decision to be made by government. If there is a market for better HSI and Google passes us by, those who stand to profit it from it will find us. Like all technology, it gets here eventually as it does everywhere else.

I think the government involvement in the Google proposal is very specific and has less to do with the service than it does having the company come here and the benefits that it might bring. Kind of like the Supercollider bidding at various locations across the US in the 90's. We obviously don't need one here, but building it here would have brought jobs which is something I have no problem with a government lobbying for. Paying for the Supercollider is another story altogether.

Google obviously has economic benefits as well as technological benefits; lobbying for the latter is a proper government role. Government paying for either is not. The best thing a government can do is manage matters in such a way as to create a climate where businesses want to come here. That means low taxes, low crime, dependable infrastructure, and a quality, educated workforce to name a few things.

Ross Myers

Thanks Sam...so you are taking the position that what Google is offering us for consideration is technology and not dependable infrastructure?


No, what I'm saying is that building a high speed internet connection that is owned by a private company is not something a government entity should do. Government can and should try to lure the company to the area mainly for the economic benefits regardless of what business the company is in and whether that business has additional benefits.


Triadwatch, maybe you should come up with a new movie and call it "The Shawsham Redemption" (sorry!)


that typo reminded me of my worst Katzian/Freudian slip. my wife asked me the perfunctory "how do i look" and instead of telling her she looked like a big 10 cornfed cheerleader in prada hooker boots i said, "you runined my life you miserable b****."


"hey, ya know, you don't sweat much for a fat girl" never went over well for me, either.

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