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Mar 04, 2010


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I guess this post is designed


Yes, but intelligently?

Ross Myers

Does anyone know who owns the existing Fiber Optic Piping Infrastructure in Greensboro and how much of it is "dark fiber" and how much of it is "lit"?

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around whether Google would need to build a new fiber network in GSO or if we have ample existing infrastructure that is being under utilized that they could plug their end mile model into.

Jim Caserta

Google is not going to lay any new 'backbone' fiber. From what I've read, they've bought a whole lot of what was laid in the late 90's, and this initiative is one way to get traffic onto it. That is why I think that where google chooses will be dictated by factors outside a locale's control. There has to be a massive pipe to their Lenoir facility, and I wonder what route it takes.

I disagree with the linked post. I think Google should put out a triple play product and try to make a substantial profit. Google is similar to Verizon and no one waxed poetic about the FiOS network before it got set up...at least not like this, maybe people dreaming of more bandwidth to their homes.

Ross Myers

Hi Jim...its my understanding that the major backbones might lay along our railroad tracks.

Also we might want to throw out there the possibility of the quadruple play...adding wireless services.

Which makes one wonder where WiMax might fit into the scheme of things and if Communities that include the partners in ClearWire might have the "upper" on this opportunity.

Jim Caserta

Already lay, or would lay?

I haven't heard of the quad-play much, although Google is in the phone space already. The difference is that the triple-play all runs on the same fiber/cable. Google's service would somewhat compete w/Clearwire although not as definite a competition as with RoadRunner. Google would want to avoid cities with existing fiber-to-the-home networks as that would dramatically slow the adoption rate for Google's service. 2000 super-enthusiastic residents aren't worth as much as 20k projected customers.

Ed Cone

Years ago at a meeting of foundations and Action Greensboro I suggested municipal wifi as a possible project.

Much enthusiasm over cocktails, and then...nothing.

I was told recently that the conversation has not been forgotten, and that WiMax may be of interest to some powerful folks in that circle.

Wouldn't a pledge of cooperation on wireless be a nice thing for AG to add to application?

Ross Myers

Already lay.

Google is also in the Wireless Internet space as a partner of the reported $14.5 billion joint Clearwire Venture...along with Time Warner, Comcast, Intel, Sprint & Bright House.

Jim Caserta

One of the good things about this Google initiative, and it may be one of their goals, it old projects that were molding in 06/07, dying quickly in the recession, are getting brought up again. Things like this infrastructure investing can be one of the things that picks the economy up. Muni WiFi, Muni-fiber (ala Wilson). Public-private partnerships, pure public, pure private, public fertilizing the soil for a private plant, etc. Even cities that do not get the Google program are primed for investment going forward.

Enthusiasm for expensive things tends to be proportional to the number of cocktails consumed.


Pittsburgh will get it not us.


Confuseus sez, "If city want fiber city must plan for fiber. Greensboro never plan for fiber. Time Warner own Greensboro fiber. And Ross big dummy think choo-choo run on fiber. Everyone know choo-choo run on diesel."

Jim Caserta

Because T-W owns a fiber network to GSO does not mean it controls all internet backbone connections to GSO. Google will run a lot of fiber, in the city it chooses, but I think it will choose a city where there is an existing dark fiber connection running there or nearby. If anyone knows where google's dark fiber network runs, they'll have a good bet on where the project will land.


I don't know where Google's dark fiber is buried but I can tell you it's not buried in Greensboro.

Jim Caserta

How do you know that? This map (crude as it is) seems to touch GSO. Google's fiber network hits Lenoir. What path does it take to get there?

Jim Caserta

Thoughtful article on the Google initiative.

Ed Cone

One of the best I've seen -- Paul's knowledge of the subject matters shows.

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