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Feb 05, 2010


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Joe Killian

When Amanda reported the letter from Pristell to Terry Wood on the Scoop blog I thought there would some outrage about it - but that doesn't seem to have materialized. It'll appear in the physical paper in Monday's Scoop column, I think, and I'm sure we'll get letters and calls about it.

But here's the odd thing: I got calls and letters all this week from outraged citizens who wanted to have their say. So many that I asked the county commissioners if they thought they'd be flooded with speakers from the floor on the hotel issue at last night's meeting, the first at which the board's rules would allow speakers from the floor on the issue. Some thought there would be. A half-dozen people I spoke to personally said they'd be at the meeting to give the commissioners a piece of their mind on the whole thing.

And then there was one speaker from the floor on the issue -- a guy who speaks at nearly every meeting on something. The meeting was over in 45 minutes. None of the commissioners themselves commented on it, though a few of them have told me they're angry about it themselves and have been hearing from similarly outraged constituents all week.

Sentiment and skepticism on this issue just isn't translating to any action.


First, there was a threat of a march and calling Weaver and Q racists, then there was a threat issued to the mayor and some council members about a recall, and now a threat to the city attorney about a lawsuit. Who are thses people? We know Skip and Deena. We know Kern. Who is Kaplan? Who is Pristell? Who are the others? What businesses do they own? I do not want to associate with any of these thugs or patronize any of their businesses.

What does Robbie Perkins think of all is? Usually he is out front and center. Awfully quiet thses days.

Ed Cone

Pristell is a lawyer, doing what lawyers get paid to do.

Kaplan is a smart, accomplished local businessman.

George House is a partner at a blue-chip GSO law-firm.

The last time I spoke to Robbie Perkins, he was enthusiastic about the hotel as pump-primer for downtown rejuvenation. I have not spoken with him since the HVS report was released.


Word on the street is that Kern is only in it because Kaplan is. If Kaplan drops out, so goes Kern.


"Unemployment rises in 43 states"
(in December 2009)
Texas shed 6,500 restaurant and hotel positions. Florida lost 5,600, South Carolina 5,200 and North Carolina lost 2,600 — more than any other sector in that state."

The above excerpt from an AP story dated January 22, state the obvious. The hotel and restaurant industry is in a bad way, and there is no financial justification for building in downtown luxury hotel in Greensboro with bond money.
Some of you may recall that several years ago Mike Weaver wanted to build a downtown hotel with government assistance. When Koury Corp. objected strongly to government participation in creating a competitor and the proposal was killed. At the time, Koury was the largest employer in Guilford County, and the Koury convention Center was the largest convention center between Washington, DC and Atlanta.
When the economic conditions justify another hotel in downtown Greensboro, you can be sure that private money will be glad to invest.
As the story stated above, North Carolina lost more jobs than the hotel and restaurant sector in December, 2009 than in any other job sector.
The City of Greensboro should kill this and stop groveling at the slop trough and federal stimulus money.

URL to AP story:


Ed Cone

I would like to hear more about this alleged Weaver-backed, government-assisted downtown hotel.

FWIW, I don't think Koury has ever been the largest employer in Guilford County.


"As the story stated above, North Carolina lost more jobs than the hotel and restaurant sector in December, 2009 than in any other job sector."

Doesn't matter.

In this town, Race Card is the Magic Wand that overcomes all obstacles and establishes prerogative above everything else.

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