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Feb 17, 2010


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Raleigh's Mayor Charles Meeker, whose wife sits on the board in one of the minority seats, is quoted in that N&O piece saying the "current threat to our school system from the new majority is a major issue for all of us." That's the first time I recall Meeker addressing the issue in public. There's an element of inside-the-Beltline Raleigh versus the 'burbs in this.

Stopped earlier today in Apex, one of those 'burbs, to get my car washed. Overheard a convestation about the board between someone who appeared to be a realtor and a guy in bib overalls, who opined he was "happy we got rid of Del Burns".


My brother lives in Holly Springs and has 3 kids and 2 stepkids in Wake schools. Although he's not completely thrilled with scheduling policies -- some of his kids are in year-round and some aren't, which makes child care planning difficult -- he thinks this new group is insane. He doesn't seem to think this is inside-Beltway-v.-outside so much as smart people against ignorant ones (his words).

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