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Feb 25, 2010


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Joe KIllian

I thought the larger news was that the bond authority hasn't heard any more from the developers. If it doesn't move through the bond authority - getting them the details they asked for nearly a month ago - there's no point in them talking further to city staff.


Between the lines, it sounded like they've been unable to get a bank to commit.

Joe KIllian

I did ask for comment on where they were in that process from the development group's attorney, to whom I was directed when trying to get at it from other sources. He had no comment. No one on the government side of the process knows where the answer to that because they haven't heard anything in nearly a month.

Ed Cone

We already knew that the developers don't expect to have a new new plan to discuss with anyone until next week.

The lack of communication with the board is interesting, though.


Even in a good economy, a bank will not commit to a concept.


I think thats the issue at hand. They are still working out the details in the project and unless they have a final plan, a bank isnt going to commit. SOunds like to me they are buying a little time before they say anything else.


“The bonds are supposed to be issued by April 15,” Shoffner said. “The clock is ticking on these things.”

There isn't any time to be bought. The deadline has been the same all along.

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